Journaling is a great way for you to clear your mind and keep the positivity going. It allows you to escape reality for a bit and truly reflect on yourself and your thoughts. Here are some prompt ideas for you to try next time you sit down with your journal.

1. "In 10 years, I see myself as..."

You write about anything you see in your life in 10 years. Career, family, location, pretty much anything. When you think about the future and put yourself in a better and happier point in your life, you begin to think positively. This is your goal in 10 years and that means you see yourself there. Now you only have to take those steps to get there.

2. "I am grateful for..."

Sometimes you hit a low point in life and you begin to feel as if the whole world is conspiring against you. This prompt forces you to look at the positive things in your life, especially when you feel that there are none. A suggested way of using this prompt is to think of three different things you are grateful for and write it down either in the morning or at night. It's a great way to summarize your day as well if you do it at night.

3. Pick a random or not so random word and write all about it

Sometimes all you need one word to get a story or rant going. It literally could be any word and you can choose how much you want to write about it. Some may decide to cap it at one page and others may go on until they feel they have written all about the topic.

Some ideas for words are escape, happiness, anger, love, and passion.

4. Letter to yourself

This prompt is pretty common, and yet really effective. There are a lot of variations to this prompt. You can write a letter to your present self, future self, and past self. There are some things and feelings that we want to keep to ourselves and this is a great way of doing so.

Another variation is to write a letter to someone else. You may have feelings towards someone else that you cannot express to them in person. So you can always write about it to get it out of your system.