Harry Styles' New Gucci Campaign Is Everything We Need
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Harry Styles' New Gucci Campaign Is Everything We Need

Those farm animals are so lucky.

Harry Styles' New Gucci Campaign Is Everything We Need

Harry Styles' second Gucci campaign surprised fans on early September 18th morning, and it's even better than expected. While making his first debut in a Gucci campaign in June for their tailoring campaign at a chip shop, he has moved to the great outdoors the second time around.

Photographed in Villa Lante north of Rome by Glen Luchford, Harry is rocking the Gucci's Cruise 2019 tailoring collection. He brought some furry friends to the photoshoot featuring a lamb, piglet, and goat.

A statement released by Gucci said, "The campaign playfully positions Harry Styles's personal, urban take on the Gucci tailoring wardrobe amongst the classic, stylised landscape of the gardens, where fountains, grottoes, and mazes characterize the ancient surroundings."

Styles usually represents Gucci in custom suits on his worldwide tours but has taken a different approach by modeling them. Will he branch out to other brands? He recently was seen on Labor Day weekend with designer Diana Von Furstenberg and has stirred the rumor mill with branching out and modeling for them.

1. Flower Boy

harry styles

Wearing a twill jacket, silk crepe shirt, and an oversized cross necklace. Looking like a delicate flower boy in the stylized gardens of Villa Lante. One of five black and white pictures released by Gucci. I don't know what he is starring out and looking at but I hope it's those cute goats.

2. Harry is the G.O.A.T.

harry styles

Mixing patterns, patches, portions, and a tiger head broach. Can we talk about these adorable goats? They are the real stars in this photo and campaign. I honestly need a video of him on set interacting with these cute animals.

3. Harry had a Little Lamb

harry styles

Wearing a sartorial design while also holding the most innocent looking animal ever. I would like to personally think whoever thought animals in the campaign was a good idea. I never knew I needed this photo of him holding a lamb until now.

4. Harry and the three little pigs 

harry styles

House details and patterns mixed with the cutest accessory. This is a personal favorite look of the whole campaign and I need more photos of the pigs and Harry.

Will he do more than just model? Gucci Cruise 2019 campaign will launch fully in November. Will Styles be walking the runway come that time? I SURE HOPE SO!

Here is everything we know so far about Gucci SS19.

Comment below your favorite looks!

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