Tomorrow is the Fourth of July where people across the country will be grilling out, going to carnivals, watching the fireworks, and hanging out. I love the this holiday. It's one of my favorites. Every year, me and my family spend the week at family camp, and spend the fourth up there. It's a lot of fun, and I don't want to be anywhere else for the holiday. I love grilling out, going to carnivals, watching fireworks, and so much more, but before we do all that, I just want to remind everyone that if you see a soldier tomorrow, thank them for their service.

Throughout American history, people have fought for this country, and risked their lives for us. People have fought and died for us. They protected this country so that way we could have the rights and freedom that we do. So, if you see someone that served, or is serving, thank them.

On top of being thankful for our soldiers that protect this country at all times, there are many other things that we should be thankful for as well.

We have access to clean water and food. There are so many countries in the world that lack clean water and food. While we get to wash hands, drink water, eat food, grow food, and shower without having to worry about dirty water or food; there are others in the world that have to walk miles just to get access to clean water and food.

We also have the opportunity to get a good education where others in the world don't get to. I am guilty as the next person about complaining about school, but then I'm quickly reminded that we are lucky to be able to have a good education that others would crave to have. We also have access to technology and unlimited amount information. We have the world at our finger tips.

Lastly, we have the rights and freedom that other people in countries around the world do not have. We have religious freedom, freedom of speech, and so many other freedoms that soldiers have fought and protect.

We shouldn't take these things for granted. Yes, our country has its ups and downs, and our country does has its flaws but what country doesn't? There are a lot more good things about our country than bad. We should be thankful.

I also want to thank the police and firefighters that work day and night to keep us safe as well. Along with all of the techs, nurses, and doctors that not only work today but every other day to help keep us healthy and alive.