First Annual Chicago Feminist Film Festival

First Annual Chicago Feminist Film Festival

Attend the debut event to change history.

If you are a fan of films (and let's be honest, we know you are), then you need to make your way to Chicago on April 21 and 22 for the Chicago Feminist Film Festival! This is the festival's debut and it is going to be absolutely magnificent.

Free and open to the public, the festival will include a feature-length film, an opening-night ceremony, and six programs of short films. The festival features international and local filmmakers as well as filmmakers from Columbia College Chicago, who is hosting and sponsoring the event! The festival was even curated, in part, by students from the school.

The films are eclectic, inclusive, and all-around extraordinary, and it is something that you won't want to miss. As I am one of the students who is honored to have been a part of curating this festival, I can let you in on a few of my favorites that will be screened at this year's festival. For the full schedule, visit the Chicago Feminist Film Festival website here.

"The Fits."

This is the festival's only feature-length film and it opens the festival. The film premiered at Sundance in 2016 and is a psychological portrait of 11-year-old tomboy Toni as she tries to fit in with a tight-knit dance team in Cincinnati's West End. A Q&A session with director Anna Rose Holmer will follow the film. Watch the trailer here.

"The Substitute."

Filmmakers Madeleine Sims-Fewer and Nathan Hughes-Berry paint this chilling and ominous picture of a substitute teacher at an unusual private school where the boys seem to have a sinister power over the girls. One of my favorites in the festival, this film will leave you with goosebumps. Watch the teaser here.

"Coming Full Circle."

Kim Yaged created this animated short based on the play "Hypocrites & Strippers," a comedy about a feminist who keeps dating strippers. This short animation will keep you laughing throughout its entirety.

"Bionic Girl."

Definitely one of the festival's more interesting pieces, "Bionic Girl" is a sci-fi musical about a scientist who creates her own android clone to take on the outside world for her. Interesting but magnificent, Stéphanie Cabdevila does not disappoint.

"Across the Line."

This is probably the festival's most exciting event as it is a virtual reality piece where the viewer actually becomes a part of the film. This immersive experience puts the viewer on scene as "anti-abortion extremists intimidate patients who seek sexual and reproductive healthcare." The film uses documentary footage and a montage of real audio so that the viewers gain an intimate knowledge of the harassment outside of health centers across the country. Even cooler? Planned Parenthood is the executive producer. This experience will be available to guests during both days of the festival.

If you would like more information on the festival, want to keep up with events, or want to find out about submissions for next year's festival, visit the Chicago Feminist Film Festival Website or their Facebook page.

All screenings are FREE and OPEN to the public.

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Popular Right Now

6 Things You Should Know About The Woman Who Can't Stand Modern Feminism

Yes, she wants to be heard too.


2018 is sort of a trap for this woman. She believes in women with all of the fire inside of her, but it is hard for her to offer support when people are making fools of themselves and disguising it as feminism.

The fact of the matter is that women possess qualities that men don't and men possess qualities that women don't. That is natural. Plus, no one sees men parading the streets in penis costumes complaining that they don't get to carry their own fetus for nine months.

1. She really loves and values women.

She is incredibly proud to be a woman.

She knows the amount of power than a woman's presence alone can hold. She sees when a woman walks into a room and makes the whole place light up. She begs that you won't make her feel like a "lady hater" because she doesn't want to follow a trend that she doesn't agree with.

2. She wants equality, too

She has seen the fundamental issues in the corporate world, where women and men are not receiving equal pay.

She doesn't cheer on the businesses that don't see women and men as equivalents. But she does recognize that if she works her butt off, she can be as successful as she wants to.

3. She wears a bra.

While she knows the "I don't have to wear a bra for society" trend isn't a new one, but she doesn't quite get it. Like maybe she wants to wear a bra because it makes her feel better. Maybe she wears a bra because it is the normal things to do... And that's OK.

Maybe she wants to put wear a lacy bra and pretty makeup to feel girly on .a date night. She is confused by the women who claim to be "fighting for women," because sometimes they make her feel bad for expressing her ladyhood in a different way than them.

4. She hates creeps just as much as you do. .

Just because she isn't a feminist does not mean that she is cool with the gruesome reality that 1 in 5 women are sexually abused.

In fact, this makes her stomach turn inside out to think about. She knows and loves people who have been through such a tragedy and wants to put the terrible, creepy, sexually charged criminals behind bars just as bad as the next woman.

Remember that just because she isn't a feminist doesn't mean she thinks awful men can do whatever they want.

5. There is a reason she is ashamed of 2018's version of feminism.

She looks at women in history who have made a difference and is miserably blown away by modern feminism's performance.

Not only have women in the past won themselves the right to vote, but also the right to buy birth control and have credit cards in their names and EVEN saw marital rape become a criminal offense.

None of them dressed in vagina costumes to win anyone over though... Crazy, right?

6. She isn't going to dress in a lady parts costume to prove a point.

This leaves her speechless. It is like the women around her have absolutely lost their minds and their agendas, only lessening their own credibility.

"Mom, what are those ladies on TV dressed up as?"

"Ummm... it looks to me like they are pink taco's honey."

She loves who she is and she cherished what makes her different from the men around her. She doesn't want to compromise who she is as a woman just so she can be "equal with men."

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Easy, Brees-y, Beautiful: Notes From Drew Brees's Personal Brand

People often jokingly say that "not all heroes wear capes." Joking or not, there are definitely heroes who don't wear capes; rather, they wear jerseys.


Without fail, I find myself enrolled in an unexpectedly interesting course every semester. You know the one: the class that you're forced beyond your will to take, but it ends up being an almost life-altering class. This semester, that course is Marketing 3401. While there's been plenty of interesting material, the topic that's stuck with me the most has been the discussion of, "personal branding." Even though everyone has his or her own brand image, I never really paid much attention to the resounding impact it actually makes. For better or worse, a personal brand image follows every person around like a shadow. It's not always at the forefront, but it's most certainly always present.

I can't think of a more outstanding personal image than the one Drew Brees has - not one scandal; not one indecent post, like, or share; not even so much as a tasteless comment has tarnished his image. Honestly, he seems like a PR agent's dream. While he's managed to keep his reputation squeaky clean, he's also spent nearly a decade bolstering people's perception of him.

The most recent heartwarming brand booster came after his record-breaking career passing yardage celebration against the Redskins. After completing 71,968 yards, he quickly ran over to the sidelines to greet his family who was lovingly cheering him on. The biggest takeaway from his celebration was the admirable advice he gave to his boys after the milestone. He told them, "I love you, boys. You can do anything you want in life as long as you work for it." If anyone has worked for accomplishments in life, it certainly has been Brees. Needless to say, his humble celebration sent a tidal wave of heartfelt sentiment across Facebook, and further cemented his place in the hearts of the fans.

In celebrating his milestone with his family, Brees also proved that his personal brand doesn't solely rely on himself. Of course, any Saints fan will remember the miraculous Super Bowl win in 2010, where Brees excitedly celebrated the win with his only son at the time, Baylen. Fast-forward to 2018, America's Game of the Week: Rams vs. Saints and Brees's family image reveals itself to be as honorable as ever. After being questioned about the impact of Drew's fame, Brittany Brees spoke about trying to raise their children with humility and setting boundaries regarding fame. Following her remarks, the eldest son, Baylen, chimed in by saying that, "[you're] only famous if you make this world a better place." Not only does Drew Brees have an outstanding personal image, but he and his wife are also raising their children to be upright, quality people.

While Brees's personal image is something to be lauded, his team, the New Orleans Saints, have managed to match this exemplary image as well. Known to be a tight-knit, brotherly group, the Saints have acted as an unwavering cornerstone in building Brees's personal brand. Although the team changes from year to year, the good-natured environment and comradery don't. Whether it's maintaining good sportsmanship or displaying a humble attitude, Brees has mirrored the team's essence with the personal image he's built for himself.

When it comes down to it, personal branding mainly hinges on likeability, and Drew Brees sits at the pinnacle of likeability. His family, his team, and his fans all know the depths of his value and worth, but it would be hard for anyone outside of these groups to ignore Brees's impact. Aside from the stats and records, Brees has consistently lived up to the demands of an ideal role model. Honestly, many people might even consider him a modern day hero.


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