Words Of Encouragement For The Spring Semester - 1/21

After a long winter break, we are finally in the spring semester. Seasonal depression is still upon us with the gloomy clouds, but the thought of flowers blooming, the sun shining, and the grass coming to back to life lifts us back up. This time of the year is different for every student, but depending on where you stand, here is some encouragement for this semester.

1. Freshmen

Whoo! First semester is done. Now that you know your way around campus, it could be time to get more involved with different activities and get an understanding of what you like. Look into the study abroad program, community service opportunities, internships, and anything else that allows you to end the year strong. Along with that, it is important to build a strong GPA.

2. Sophomores

Junior year is coming close, and that means that this is your last semester living in dorms (unless you are/will be a Resident Assistant). Although you may be looking forward to living alone, take advantage of the meal plan you are given. Try to go to every meal and give yourself that energy to end the year strong.

3. Juniors

Time seems to fly by fast. One second you were a freshman, and now you are close to entering your senior year. This is your final stretch before entering the last year of your college career. Look into the activities you have been wanting to do and plan what your last year and a half of being an undergraduate would look like. It is better to go and try things and get ahead rather than regretting it later.

4. Seniors

Alas, it is your final year here as an undergraduate. All of your hard work has brought you to where you are now, but it is not over yet. Make this spring semester your best yet. Leave college with others remembering your legacy. Check off those last few items on your bucket list. Reflect on everything you have done here to give you the energy to finish with grit. It is your time to shine; make the most of it.

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