As I am sitting in a house taking care of someone else's dogs and at the same time missing my own sweet little dog at home, it is pretty obvious to recognize just how easy it is to love the animal we call our pets. Here are the 4 c's why every person should have a dog best friend.

1. The Cuddling.

How could you possibly hate an animal, no matter the size, snuggling up with you to show you how much they love you as their person.

2. The Cute Photo-Ops.

Literally anything a dog does is a perfect opportunity for a photo. The more photos you have of your dog the more opportunities you have to brag about how cute they are to everyone you meet.

3. The Constant Shadow.

If you get lucky with one of these animals, you are never alone because that shadow in the shape of a dog is going to follow you everywhere they possibly can. Watch out, you might find your pet following you in the bathroom because they just can't bear to leave your side!

4. The Companionship

This is a friendship that is absolutely irreplaceable. A dog will always love you as a best friend as you will them. You give them care and attention, so they return the favor with their loyalty and their always wanting to feel attached at your hip. Even though dogs can't talk, your bond can be so strong that that factor won't ever matter.

Sure, dogs are not humans, but there's not a single human that is like any dog. The 4 c's of owning a dog are just as good as a having human best friend, however this love is a little different because it comes with a tail and four legs.