Does My Zodiac Sign Reflect My Personality
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Does My Zodiac Sign Reflect My Personality?

I looked more in depth into my zodiac symbol and here's what I found.

Does My Zodiac Sign Reflect My Personality?

I've never been an avid horoscope follower, but after casually talking about the zodiac chart with my family, I thought to myself and wondered just how accurate is my zodiac symbol in comparison to my own personality? The Zodiac chart is very generalized so that it can fit hundreds of millions of people who have the same sign. However, how much does my own personality reflect it? In other words, how basic am I?

My birthday is October 5th, which makes me a libra, a Cardinal Air sign.

Having a Cardinal quality means that my sign is explorative, or always wanting new experiences. In Latin, the word, "cardinal," means "principle" or "pivotal," and the role of cardinal signs is to push forward, initiate, and be first.

Air signs, while seemingly less relevant, connects all other elements to one another. Signs that belong to the element of air also have a strong instinct to feel free and liberated.


As a libra, my 'strengths' are considered to be cooperative, diplomatic, gracious, fair-minded, and social.

I would say that these are somewhat true, but not necessarily spot on.

I've always been a very diplomatic and tactful person when it comes time to consoling those around me who are upset, but cooperation I feel like isn't exactly my strong suit. In some ways yes, I am willing to work together as a group, but for the most part, I prefer doing things the way I want them to be done. I hate group projects because I'm not in control, and the product never resembles the vision I have unless I take over everything.

On the other hand, I'm a pretty fair-minded person. I like to live by the expression, "don't judge a book by its cover," and in situations of conflict, I prefer to look at the facts rather than the emotional aspect of things.

Social is pretty accurate too. Even as a little kid I wanted people to like me and was put off by the people that didn't. When I got to college I joined a sorority, which, amongst other things, has a very social component involved in it.

I would also say gracious is strongly factual as well. My mom tells me all the time that my teachers as a child would always tell her at the parent-teacher conferences how mannerly, friendly, and sweet I was. Not to be narcissistic, but not much has changed in that respect. By this I mean, I believe people should treat each others how they want to be treated and I try to live by that.


Libra weaknesses are their indecisiveness, dislike of confrontation, a habit of carrying grudges, and self-pitying.

I am very indecisive. I go back and forth between option and usually resort to eenie meenie miney mo to make a decision, and even then I make the song as long as possible because I can't make up my mind. I have this difficulty in what I wear for the day, what I want to eat, what I want to watch on TV, etcetera.

Alongside this, it's true that I don't like confrontation. I'll 100% throw down if I have to, but unless it's absolutely necessary, I typically prefer steering clear. Because of this, people tend to like steamrolling over me, and I let them to a point. I hate arguments and I'll even leave the room when my sister and dad start debating about a topic, it bothers me that much that regardless of being involved in it, I dislike being around it.

When it comes time to carry grudges, it gets a little complicated. I'm not the type of person that once you wrong me, you're dead to me. I do believe in second chances, but here's the thing: If I give you a second chance, that doesn't mean everything goes right back to normal. You have to regain my trust. And if you break it again, or continuously break it? Forget it.

Now I admit sometimes, I do self-pity, but it only lasts for a moment and then I move on with life. I don't wallow over things for a long period of time or break down over the simplest of things, it has to be something big.


Libras like harmony, gentleness, sharing with others, and the outdoors.

Like the previous categories, this is true to a point.

For one thing, I hate nature and the outdoors. I was raised by a woman who disinfected sticks so I could roast marshmallows on camping trips. I hate touching things that are gross or dirty and the whole idea of camping is just unappealing to me on every level. My friends wanted to go camping this summer, and even though I love hanging out with them, I told them I'd see them when they got back. The only sort of outdoors activity that I like is a pool or the beach and sometimes the beach can bother me.

Harmony and gentleness, however, I agree with 100%. I'm happiest when everyone is getting along, and there's no tension within my group. This goes back to the whole avoiding confrontation thing. I just don't like conflict.

I've always been a sharer. I've become less of a sharer as the years go by because I've been taken advantage of a couple of times, but for the most part, I still share a lot with other people. I share clothes with my sister, food with friends, and various other little things. It's not that I just don't mind sharing, I actually enjoy it because I'm a people pleaser, and sharing makes other people happy.


Libras dislike violence, injustice, loudmouths, and conformity.

I agree with all of these things.

I have always hated obnoxious people because they're so annoying. If I have to scream to get a word in, odds are I want to be far away from you as possible.

Injustice and violence are also a huge no-no for me, but I feel like that isn't something that's strictly a libra dislike, I think those two are too general.

Conformity is a good one, though. I tend not to follow trends and when people tell me to do something, I usually end up doing the opposite. I definitely march to the beat of my own drum, and it's always kind of been that way since I was a little kid. I was always a little different from everyone else, and it only increased as I've gotten older.

It's interesting to me that a lot of the things listed aren't too far off from my personality and preferences. This list is pretty generalized, so I guess to answer my initial question, I'm a pretty basic person. However, I'm not satisfied with being so primitive. I think on my own time, I'll look into it more in-depth and try to learn more, not because I'm a hardcore believer in astrology, but because I do find it to be fascinating. I think other people to look into it too, not only to potentially learn about themselves but just to learn about the zodiac chart in general. Who knows? Maybe you'll find it fascinating too?

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