Why People Like Designer Breed Dogs
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Why People Like Designer Breed Dogs

In this article we will be covering why designer breeds are so popular and if you should consider one for yourself.

Fluffy puppy laying on its back.

Designer breeds are the result of cross-breeding two purebred dogs with attributes you want in the offspring. Some of the most desirable attributes are looks, intelligence, health, and temperament.


long-coated brown dogPhoto by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Intelligence is one of the most highly sought after attributes when it comes to dogs and it is no surprise why. Higher intelligence also means your pup will likely be highly trainable as well. Trainability is usually tied to how early in the dog’s life you start and how consistent you are, but if you start off on the right foot you are in store for a very well behaved dog throughout their lifetime.

Poodles and Goldendoodles are both highly intelligent so it is not surprising that Goldendoodles are an extremely popular designer breed. If you are interested in this breed you should check out this Goldendoodle price guide for what buying and caring for one will look like.


dog lying on pet bed near window with sun passing throughPhoto by Matthew Hamilton on Unsplash

Most designer breeds are partially chosen because of looks. Just as with cars, houses, and artwork, there are many different preferences when it comes to designer dog breeds which is one of the reasons there are so many to choose from.

One designer breed that is very popular not only for looks, but also for it’s intelligence and health is the Whoodle, which is a mix between the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier and a Poodle. Whoodles come in a large variety of colors and markings which make it a very desirable breed.


Photo by noelle on Unsplash

One of the most sought after traits for designer breeds is the temperament of the dog. Some people may want a more active dog, while others are looking for a laid back and calm breed. While there are no guarantees whatever breed you decide on, you can have a general idea what temperament your pup is likely to have based on the breed. Quality breeders will also usually have a testing process which will give you an even better idea of your pups temperament.

One breed that is coveted because of it’s small size and gentle and outgoing temperament is the Maltipoo. They are a great choice for indoor dogs and families with children.


medium-coated brown dog during daytimePhoto by Jamie Street on Unsplash

There is an idea that seems to be backed up by scientific research suggesting some designer breeds health may be improved through something called Hybrid Vigor otherwise known as heterosis. Many pure-breeds suffer from genetic health conditions due to a long period of inbreeding for specific attributes. While the inbreeding generally does bring about the desired attributes there are sometimes unforeseen issues that arise in the breed such as hip dysplasia. Many designer breeders run genetic testing on the sire and dam to ensure the offspring has the highest likelihood of a healthy disease-free life.

For these reasons some people prefer a designer breed rather than a purebred or a so-called "mutt" where the heritage is unknown. Hopefully this article has given you a better idea of why people like designer breeds. You may not agree with why someone else chooses a specific breed but we believe that the most important thing is that an owner cares for the health and well being of their pets. If you are interested in learning more about the breeds we've mentioned you can check out the links to pages that have very detailed information on the characteristics of that breed.

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