5 Best Delray Beach, Florida Restaurants
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5 Of The Best Delray Beach, Florida Restaurants Whether You Want Something Fancy Or Laid-Back

Get in the car, we're going to eat!

5 Of The Best Delray Beach, Florida Restaurants Whether You Want Something Fancy Or Laid-Back

With Florida being one of the biggest tourist states in America, these locations are just as popular! Waterfront dining brings authentic experiences of living in a tropical state, and Delray Beach has restaurants lined up for guests to enjoy a meal by the sea. Atlantic Avenue is a great place to park your car and walk along the vast majority of retail stores and dining.

You'll be able to find a fancy restaurant and a laid-back spot anywhere along the avenue. Grab your family and friends because we're all going out to eat!

1. Hawkers Asian Street Fare

Are you interested in dining at a unique Asian-street style restaurant? Then Hawkers is for you! This new restaurant offers family recipes from all over Asia to create authentic experiences for the guests. A Hawker is a person who travels and sells food by creating their own food stands.

The dining experience is like no other, and sharing is actually encouraged! The inside dining room is spacious with bright neon signs placed along the walls. At night, the outside seating is a must! You'll be pleased to sit on the fluffy couches while you're enjoying a drink from the bar.

2. Sandbar Oceanfront Tiki Bar

This is the PERFECT place for a friends get-together weekend! The Sandbar is located a minute away from the water, making it a great place to enjoy quality food by the ocean.

It is a high-energy venue and the employees are having just as much fun as you are. At night, they offer VIP bottle services and live music to go along with their wide-variety menu. Whether you're in the mood for drinks or shrimp, they've got it!

3. Cut 432

Are you looking for something a little more fancy? Cut 432 is a steakhouse in Delray Beach that provides beef from the top ranchers in the world.

At night, the dining experience is more of a "gentleman's club" with rare wines available. You can expect to be treated with exceptional customer service while enjoying the finest wines.

This is a great spot to enjoy a modern dining experience while dressing up with your friends!

4. Patio Delray

This modern, outside dining experience is great to enjoy live music with your friends! They offer a scenic patio that is great for picture-taking.

Patio Delray creates dishes from farmer's markets and fresh catches right off of Delray Beach! The crab cakes are a must, especially when the ocean is just a few feet away.

The inside dining is more romantic with dim lighting and scenic views of the ocean. The Patio is privately owned by Miss Lily who enjoys interacting with her guests. With unique recipes in every dish, you'll be happy to enjoy a twist on your everyday seafood!

5. Deck 84

Florida's sunshine brings the life to this restaurant! As the weather gets nicer in the summertime, this is a great place to enjoy a meal literally by the sea.

Deck 84 offers a happy hour menu at half the regular price. The vast menu offers anything from chicken to mussels. Also, the incredible frozen drinks are perfect for when the weather gets too hot.

Waterfront dining is a must for tourists and locals to experience the beauty of the inter-coastal waters.

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