The Deeper Meaning Hidden Behind Tori Kelly’s Song 'Hollow'
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The Deeper Meaning Hidden Behind Tori Kelly’s Song 'Hollow'

I'm empty and only Your love can fill up my cup.

The Deeper Meaning Hidden Behind Tori Kelly’s Song 'Hollow'

Coming from a family with musical roots ingrained, the first thought that usually comes to mind when I listen to a brand new song is to interpret its lyrics. Now, I have to be honest. I can’t believe how long it took me to realize the exquisite significance behind the lyrics of a song that I thought was just another "single" from Tori’s latest album, “Unbreakable Smile.” Every time I would hear this song on the radio, I couldn’t help but to sing to its words in an ignorant fashion. I would become so elated in listening to the sounds of her powerhouse vocals that I honestly didn’t care enough to listen to what was past the voice.

When I took a stab at actually sitting down and I began to dig deeper into the scripture of the song, the blindfold was taken off my eyes. "Hollow" wasn’t just about any other empty feeling you endure perhaps after a breakup or after experiencing a hardship in your life but rather, it was about so much more than that. As a hardcore disciple, Tori’s authentic worship to God spoke through her lyrics. Little did I know that as a firm believer of The Lord myself, I could find myself identifying with so much more than just her graceful voice. For the ones who stand on the same ground as me in adoring the One who gave His all for us on the cross – here’s five specific lines from "Hollow" that I find overflow with eternal beauty.

1. “Cause I’m fragile and you know this.”

Something about this line speaks to me in a very profound way. Nowadays, we fall into the trap of feeling afraid to appear weak in front of others. We’re afraid to look like delicate human beings. However, the best thing about placing your trust in Christ is having the sense of conviction in knowing that He’ll always be there to heal your broken wounds. There isn’t a need to hide behind your scars.

2. “So hold me and wrap me in love.”

Tori’s words are spot on. No, it’s not just a simple hug from just any man. It’s an extraordinary hug from an extraordinary man. There is no better love than the tenderness and warmth Jesus give us when we are at the peak of our weakest points.

3. “(I’m) empty and only Your love can fill up my cup.”

This lyric represents such a powerful sense of humility and submissiveness. I picture my body fully surrendering itself in the presence of the Lord. The beauty of this particular lyric lies in recognizing that He is ultimately the only one that can fill our hearts, minds, and souls with eternal love. Even when my light begins to appear slightly dim, I never forget about the fact that only He can overflow my cup with love, grace, harmony, conviction and peace.

4. “Cause I’m paper-thin and You – You make me whole again.”

There’s so much grace and heavenliness in this line. Only You father and You king of all kings, can make me whole again even after I have gone through so many tribulations. Even though I’m paper-thin, You never forget to pick me up when I fall down – regardless of how many times.

5. “I confess my weakness till You pick up the parts that are broken. Pour out Your perfection on me now.”

Only by confessing our weaknesses to Jesus, can we allow Him to work with our broken pieces. Tori’s heartfelt “pour out Your perfection on me now” is enough to leave anyone breathless. Confessing always seems to feel like it’s the hardest part to do because yet again, you don’t want to appear feeble. However, God knows your heart and the most precious thing about it all is that He won’t allow you to stay "Hollow" forever.

I applaud Tori Kelly for being one of the very few mainstream artists whom are open to showcasing their genuine love for God through music.
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