Dear Stressed College Students

Dear fellow college students, future nurses/doctors, aspiring politicians, striving engineers, wishful media makers, and eager world changers, this is your reality check.

Yes, it is finals week and you’re all stressed to the max. You have three exams, three papers, an oral presentation, a few group projects, and a hundred other things you would rather be doing. You’re overwhelmed and anxious, trying to get through this next week with as few breakdowns as possible. Or if you’re anything like me you just laughed and walked away from the 20 bullet long to-do list you wrote because you’re in denial that it all has to get done before Friday. However, if college has taught me anything so far it’s that it all gets done eventually.

So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, a lot stressed out, and a little over caffeinated due to lack of sleep, know that you’re not alone. If you think life will end if you don’t get an A on that exam please just take a moment, step back, and be thankful for this stress. Be grateful that you have the opportunity to receive a higher education and learn about things that interest you. Be thankful that you have the chance to stress over arbitrary letters which, I promise will not prevent you from living out the dream life you have planned (or not so planned).

To have these struggles and stresses means that you are more fortunate than a majority of the world around you. Next time you feel like you hit the breaking point, simply take a step back and breathe. Remember that life is precious and short, and whatever may be the cause of stress

for the day, it too shall pass. You were put on this earth for so much more than to stress, cram, and produce perfect grades. It will all get done and it will all be okay, I promise.

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