Being Cruelty Free is Easy
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Big News: Being Cruelty-Free is Really Easy!

Why use products that test on animals when you have this many options who don't?

Big News: Being Cruelty-Free is Really Easy!

I think most people think that being cruelty free is a lot harder than it is. The number of brands that are cruelty free is surprisingly high, but there are definitely a handful that aren't. Cruelty free stems beyond makeup; your shampoo, conditioner, face wash, etc. can all also be tested on animals. It's really important to be aware of what brands are doing behind the scenes.

There are four requirements for a brand to be cruelty free and get the stamp of approval from PETA or Leaping Bunny. First, they don't test finished products on animals during any point in production. Second, their ingredient suppliers don't test the raw ingredients on animals. Third, there are no third party tests on their behalf. And fourth, they don't test their products on animals where the law requires it (mainland China). Not too difficult, is it?

But alas, companies still do it. The main thing we, as consumers, can do to combat this is to boycott brands that still test on animals. If the consumer cares about the fact that they test on animals, and therefore stop buying the products, the companies have way more incentive to change their tune.

So, here we go, I present to you a comprehensive list of brands that DON'T test on animals:

1. 100% Pure

2. Anastasia Beverly Hills

3. Ardell

4. Adorn Cosmetics

5. bareMinerals

6. Beautyblender

7. Becca Cosmetics

8. Besame

9. BH Cosmetics

10. Bite Beauty

11. Butter London

12. Buxom

13. Catrice

14. Charlotte Tilbury

15. Ciate

16. Coloured Raine

17. Colourpop

18. Cover FX

19. Dose of Colors

20. EcoTools

21. e.l.f. cosmetics

22. Essence

23. Eyeko

24. Fenty Beauty

25. Fiona Stiles

26. Gerard Cosmetics

27. Glossier

28. Hard Candy

29. Hourglass

30. IT Cosmetics

31. Japonesque

32. Jordana

33. Josie Maran

34. Jouer

35. Kat Von D

36. Kylie Cosmetics

37. LA Girl

38. Laura Geller

39. LUSH

40. Makeup Geek

41. Marc Jacobs Beauty

42. Milani

43. Milk Makeup

44. Morphe

45. Natasha Denona

46. NYX

47. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

48. OFRA Cosmetics

49. Pacifica

50. Physicians Formula

51. Pixi

52. PUR Cosmetics

53. RCMA

54. Real Techniques

55. Shea Moisture

56. Silk Naturals

57. Smashbox

58. Sonia Kashuk

59. Stila

60. Tarte

61. The Body Shop

62. theBalm

63. Too Faced

64. Urban Decay

65. Wander Beauty

66. Wet n Wild

67. Wunderbrow

68. Zoeva

I kid you not, there are more that I didn't even list. There is no reason to not be cruelty free in 2018. For even more, check out Using that link you can search by type of product… like makeup, cleaning supplies, hair dye, oral care, laundry products, etc. It literally could not be easier to educate yourself and adjust your lifestyle accordingly. And I think you'll be surprised when you find that some of your favorite brands are already cruelty free, so you only have to adjust a few things.

And if you're still not convinced, just Google Image search "animal testing" and I think you'll understand why what I'm talking about is important.

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