The College Process, As Told By Michael Scott

With the November 1st deadline hanging above the heads of seniors everywhere, the college process is in full swing for the class of 2019. It's been a rollercoaster, to say the least. We've gone from being mere freshman with no idea what was going on, to seniors who are ready to pursue their dreams.

The obstacles we've overcome and the emotions we've dealt with can only be described one way; the one and only, Michael Scott.

1. Having no plan, and no worries.

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You're young and just trying to figure out high school. Life is great! Life is simple! For now.

2. That first college meeting where you get completely stressed out and overwhelmed.

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One day your school hits you with a meeting with your guidance counselors or college counselor. They're gonna spit a bunch of information at you that's gonna leave you feeling behind before you even begin.

3. The SAT's.

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Everyone's favorite part! The beloved SAT. You, my friend, get to study for hours each week and stress yourself out because this ONE test has a major impact on your future! Enjoy!

4. Getting the SAT Scores back..

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This helps you figure out what colleges to look at, therefore ultimately crushing your dreams or giving you that boost of confidence.

5. Visiting Colleges and instantly falling in love

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Sometimes, if you're really lucky, you just walk on a campus and it feels right. There's really no other way to describe it then love at first sight.

6. Personal Statement Essay time.

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The application process has begun! You fill out all of your information, and now you have to summarize your entire character in one essay. No big deal! Right?

7. You feel accomplished! But... supplements sneak up on you.

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Finishing that major personal essay is a huge accomplishment. Of course, that is until you see the multiple supplemental questions for each University.

8. Having small panic attacks periodically for a few days after you realize you're ready to apply.

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Okay, so you're done. Now, you take some time to realize "oh wow, I'm DONE." Pressing submit can be nervewracking, because the power is no longer in your hands. So feel free to let out the panic for a couple hours (or days).


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10. And now... we wait.

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Best of luck to all of the class of 2019, Michael Scott and I know it'll all work out!

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