Best of Broad Ripple for Those under 21
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The Best Of Broad Ripple, For Those Under 21

Not quite old enough to experience Broad Ripple's bar scene? Check out this list of hot spots for the under 21 crowd (or anyone who wants to take advantage of all the daytime fun BRipp offers).

The Best Of Broad Ripple, For Those Under 21

About a 10 minute drive from Butler University, Broad Ripple Village is a hotspot for college students and young adults alike. For those on the younger end of the spectrum, BRipp can sometimes seem like it doesn't exactly cater to those under 21. While that may be the case for some of the restaurants, Broad Ripple offers a range of activities for those of all ages--the secret is knowing where to look.

Here's a list of just 10 of the amazing opportunities Broad Ripple provides to cater to the younger (or less rowdy) crowd.

1. Broad Ripple Farmers Market

Open every Saturday morning (8 a.m. to noon May through September, 9 a.m. to noon October and November), the Broad Ripple Farmers Market is full of vendors selling everything from squash to smoothies. Grab some friends and go perusing. Whether you're looking for a morning pastry or flower shopping for your room, the Broad Ripple Farmers Market is the place to be.

Learn more by visiting their Facebook page.

2. Nicey Treat

A funky twist on traditional popsicles, Nicey Treat is an absolute gem of an asset for Broad Ripple. With more creamy flavors like Cookie Butter and more icy flavors like Watermelon, Nicey has a wide array of options (including some strange concoctions like orange sour cream and avocado). The shop also offers milk or dark chocolate dip top... YUM!

PSSST... Keep your leftover popsicle sticks. Once you collect 10, you can turn them in for a free Nicey pop!

See their blog posts, upcoming food truck appearances, and more here.

3. The Garden Table

A slightly smaller (but still super cute) version of The Garden Table Mass Avenue, The Garden Table is a great place to get a healthy, Instagram-worthy brunch. The café serves coffees, juices, acai bowls, avocado toast, and more.

Learn more about the benefits of the health food Garden Table offers on their website.

4. Condado Tacos

Condado Tacos is a branch of restaurants that began in Columbus, OH and opened in Broad Ripple Village in summer 2018. Walking inside this sit-down restaurant makes you feel like you are stepping into a comic book--except in this one, you can customize the ending! Right from your seat, you can pick your tortilla, meat, toppings, and sauces by filling out a form similar to a Scantron (except you are much more likely to be pleased with the result).

Have more than 1,000 followers on Twitter or Instagram? Posting a picture of yourself at Condado will earn you a free taco!

Check out their menu and more on their website!

5. Good Earth Natural Food Co.

Step inside this store for a variety of natural and organic snacks, produce, and desserts as well as vitamins and apparel. Step outside for an adorable wall that is sure to make an awesome background for your next post!

Want to learn more? Visit their website here!

6. Half Baked Pottery & Gifts

Looking for a tranquil afternoon where you can let your creative juices flow? Half Baked Pottery & Gifts is the perfect stop. The shop offers a variety of products and paints. Whether you copy one of the examples provided, consult your ever-growing Pinterest board for inspiration, or want to make it up as you go, many sizes and styles of brushes are available to help you with your masterpiece.

Find some creative inspiration and check for hours of operation here.

7. The Cake Bake Shop

Owned and Operated by Gwendolyn Rodgers, The Cake Bake Shop is as close to being in a princess movie as most of us will get. Flowers, glitter, and PINK fill the entire shop and are even incorporated into the edible creations. This high-end bakery offers café food like soups and salads, fun alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, and of course CAKE. There are also other treats such as cookies and pies available that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Take a peek inside this magical sweet shop here.

8. Hubbard & Cravens Coffee

Broad Ripple houses one of the Hubbard and Cravens coffee company locations. This coffee shop offers lattes, smoothies, and seasonal drinks as well as snacks. There is also nice seating available for studying, meeting up with a colleague, or simply slowing down to enjoy the day.

Learn more about their story and grounds on their website.

9. Insomnia Cookies

Whether you're popping in as a part of your stroll down Broad Ripple Ave or ordering from your dorm room, Insomnia makes an amazing array of cookies, with classics like chocolate chip and more flamboyant options like mint chocolate chip. Insomnia can satisfy your cravings, whether it be for a single cookie, a variety pack, or a cookie ice-cream sandwich, until 3 a.m. This sugar rush sure won't make you sleep!

Want to order now? Start drooling over their options here!

10. Metamorphosis Ink

Feeling wild but can't enjoy the bars quite yet? Nothing says spontaneity like a spur-of-the-moment piercing, and Metamorphosis can provide you with that! Providing piercings to walk-ins and tattoos by appointment, an experienced team of artists is ready to help you express yourself!

Check out some of their art and/or schedule an appointment via their website.

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