6 Break-Up Horror Stories
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6 Break-Up Horror Stories That Will Make You Want To Stay Single 'til Death Does you Part

Beware of the 'Cuffing Season'.

6 Break-Up Horror Stories That Will Make You Want To Stay Single 'til Death Does you Part

Summer is half way over, and the world phenomenon of Cuffing Season comes back in September, as couples "cuff" in a relationship, just in time for the nice, cool weather and holiday season (I mean....who doesn't want presents?).

To help the singles out there cure their "Cuffing Season" fever, I've compiled 6 break-up horror stories from various people that will scare you out of rushing into a relationship.

Open Relationships Gone Wrong


"So my ex girlfriend and I were in an open relationship of sorts. We were together, and we were also allowed to have 1 boyfriend on the side but we had to approve of said boys.

Leading up to the big split, my ex had continuously invited over these guys I never really liked, and her boyfriend didn't really like. One morning, her boyfriend leaves for work, and I wake up on the couch alone. It was odd, because there had been the three of us piled on the damn thing. So, I walk into her room, and there she is: kissing and cuddling up to this tiny little ginger twat, who wasn't her boyfriend.

Weeks go by with stuff like this happening, until her boyfriend just up and leaves her one day. Her and I were in Seattle when he broke up and moved out of the house. She was so upset, and I was pissed too, so I called him and he said, "She is f*cking like 9 other people, how are you okay with this?!", which I didn't know.

I ask her about it, and she immediately starts telling all of our friends that I was the liar and all of these cruel names (I hadn't had sex with anyone else at this point). I found out she was talking mad smack about me, and I just dumped her. However, to try to weasel herself back into my life, she started hooking up with my best friend- so I dumped his ass too."

High School Sweethearts?


"So backstory- I'm from California, and in 2009 I visited WA while staying with my cousin. I met their cute neighbor boy, and we hit it off immediately. We dated that summer, but we were only 11, so you know how to goes (is it even dating?).

Fast forward to the summer of my sophomore year at a family gathering, and the cute neighbor boy was there! The chemistry was high as a kite, and after literally being inseparable for a week, he asked me to go steady- I thought I had scored. At first, our relationship was like a fairy tale: he showered me with flowers, presents, good vibes, and I became very tight with his family. I honestly thought I was going to end high school marrying this boy, and live our perfect life together...but then the storm came.

Early in the relationship, I ended up being peer pressured into sleeping with him. I lost my virginity to him: it was awkward sex, using a ribbed condom, and on the floor of my "best friends" room. So how did my picture perfect boyfriend break my heart?

A year into our relationship, he started "hanging" around other girls, telling them he wasn't dating anyone. It led to a huge fallout because I suspected he was cheating, due to the fact that one of the girls spilled the beans to a close friend of mine, and confirmed it. He stopped talking to me completely, leaving me depressed and lonely, until a month later, he hit me up again, and we started an on-again, off-again relationship. He told me he loved me, apologized, the whole shindig, and blah blah blah. A little after, I was with some friends, and my best friend confessed that my best friend from sophomore year slept with my ex TWO weeks into our relationship. The worst part? That was only a few weeks before I lost my virginity to the bastard.

I stopped talking to him after that. Never got the closure or anything."

Got E-Mail?


"Let me paint the story out for you: So back when I was a junior in high school, I finally experienced my first real relationship, and it ended up going for 5 long years. Great, right? No, not even. I had no idea how to be in a relationship, so I let the guy walk all over me simply because I was in love with the idea of a relationship. I just wanted someone to love so I wasn't lonely.

He ended up cheating on me, not just once, but with at least 6 other girls (I knew three of them) for the duration we were together. Not sure how many guys he may have cheated on me with, but I know there has been (Yes, he is bi, or at least was). So, after 5 years of being with him, I finally broke up with him. But not how the normal person would.

I wanted him to hurt just as much as I did during those 5 years- one person can only handle so much pain and forgive so many times. Like the saying goes: you can forgive, but never forget.

So the day he told me he loved me and wanted to marry me eventually and move into a place together, I decided I'd break the news: I wrote him a page long letter saying how much he hurt me and broke me as a person, and how I was ready to get the toxic out of my life, which was him.

Then I emailed it to him. I broke up with my ex of 5 years with an email."

What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas


"I flew down to Vegas to elope with my high school sweetheart, then realized he flew down with my best friend and he married her.

Worst break up ever. I still laugh every time I see them though."

Beware of the Promise Ring


"We were on and off for 7 years, and we were each others first loves. It was my senior year of high school, and he was begging me for another chance after breaking my heart too many times to count, so you can understand why I was weary. He made me believe that things were different since we were both adults, so I give in. We took some time off for a month or so, due to both of us having someone special in our lives pass, and we needed a grieving period.

A month later, he comes running back, per usual. It Was Christmas time, and I was out of town with family. I told him there was no way it was going to work, especially since my mom didn't like him anymore, and he told me there was a surprise at home that "will change my mind". So, I go back home, and this man got me a promise ring.

At this point, I though he was genuine, and I thought things would finally work. Boy, was I wrong!

He had this "best friend" that would come around all the time, and I always thought something was up between the two of them. After he gave me that "promise ring", he broke up with me that month, and I found out everything about him and his "best friend" (she was 15, and he was 20 at the time).

I was disgusted. They actually ended up dating for a very long time, and got engaged. And guess who he came running back to....me."

Right Type of Love, Wrong Timing


"So this girl and I met at the most random time in life, but it wasn't a coincidence; it just so happened that the girl wanted to learn to dance, and I was recommended by the teacher at my former high school. At first, there was no romance involved, but she requested a love song and as we spent more time together, we started developing feelings for each other. There was one problem...she was 14 and I was 18 and a half.

I realized that I could get in a lot of trouble so we told everybody that we were best friends. That went on for about a year or so, and as she got better at dancing and decided to join the dance team, we spent more time together. I told her I wanted to date her, but we had to wait. Due to the age, I ended up getting together with one of my ex's after telling a friend that I wanted to marry this girl. She was heartbroken, but she was so young that all she could do was cling to me even though I was dating my ex. Shortly after I broke things off with my ex, I remained single at this point and I told the girl that I would remain faithful until she was legal.

She said if it ever happened again, she was gone, but things really started to heat up then. When she became of age, I choreographed a dance to ask her out, and covered the room in rose petals on her birthday. Fast forward about a year later on Christmas Day, I decided to take the next step and pop the proposal question, in which she immediately said yes! A year later and some months, she decided that she couldn't do commitment, and things were moving too fast, and it turned out she had sent a "picture" to another male for one in return, while she was engaged to me.

I was heartbroken and didn't know what to do, so I hung out with other girls which wasn't smart for our relationship. After about a month or so, I went back to that same ex, and we ended up "doing some things" and my true love/ best friend and I are basically nothing to each other. I am now moving out of state, and hopefully starting with a clean start, filled with positivity and change.

That is by far my worst break-up story, and I'm thankful for all of the memories and life lessons it gave me".

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