It's finally that time of year again when hot cocoa is essential to staying warm and feeling good in the brisk, unenjoyable weather of Winter. There is just something about hot chocolate that makes you feel amazing both inside and out. The whipped cream, the peppermint, the cinnamon sticks and, of course, the liquid chocolate goodness.

New Jersey tends to get hit with tough cold weather, but it's hit or miss. The air hurts when it hits your face. Nothing like some good hot cocoa to cheer you up, right? I'm from South Jersey, and there are tons of places down here where you could get amazingness in a cup. Whether it be from a chain or a Mom and Pop shop, here are six locations where the best hot chocolate lives.

1. Crescent Moon Coffee and Tea.

"Spectacularly good", they say. It is true indeed. It is rich in just the right amounts. It isn't too heavy or too watered down. It tastes like heaven, no complaining. I highly recommend. They are located in Mullica Hill.

2. Dunkin.

Oh, baby. What a favorite. I will never refuse Dunkin's hot chocolate. Personally, it is my favorite hot chocolate from a chain. Try the mint kind or the Oreo kind!

3. Wawa.

Simple and customizable! Affordable, too, shall I add!

4. Starbucks.

Rich and yummy. The only downside is that it is a bit on the pricey side. Tough to compete with that. The only time I will ever settle for Starbucks' hot cocoa is during the holidays when their peppermint versions are out.

5. Cape May Peanut Butter Company.

I'm a 20-minute ride to Cape May. I don't visit without the peanut butter hot chocolate from Cape May Peanut Butter Company. It is something to experience and enjoy on a cold day while walking the mall strip!

6. Avalon Coffee.

A staple to the Southern shore, Avalon Coffee has such tasteful hot chocolate. I have grown up with this business, and they have not failed to let me down yet. There are many locations to serve you as you tour through the *frozen* Southern tip of Jersey.

These are just six of the locations. Why? Because nothing really happens down here in South Jersey. This is a tough spot to even bargain things like hot chocolate, because the weather is iffy, and tourists are down when it's hot. It's simple. Chains usually carry hot chocolate blends, and some small businesses make their own.

If you aren't surprised or interested in making a trip down or up to South Jersey JUST for hot chocolate, no need to fear. Try Swiss Miss, which can be bought literally anywhere and it tastes amazing!

But it's all good. I got my hot chocolate! Got yours?