10 Bags To Cop During SSENSE’s 70% Off Sale, Ending Tomorrow
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10 “It” Bags To Cop Before SSENSE’s Sale Ends

Haven't gotten that direct deposit yet? In need of a more chic way to haul your belongings? No worries, SSENSE has your back.. until 11:59 PM on the 18th

10 “It” Bags To Cop Before SSENSE’s Sale Ends

Montreal based luxury streetwear label SSENSE has made their unique pieces so much more accessible with their most recent summer sale, with deals of up to 70% off. Since 2003, SSENSE has delivered products with the utmost creativity, and always make a point to deviate from the norm and basic fashion. They manage to stay within that attractive realm of luxury streetwear and manage to appeal to the masses. Most who tend to keep an ear to the fashion world are very pleased to have been graced with such a large sale from a high price market.

Even if fashion isn't what you necessarily eat and breathe, take a look at these 10 bags that make the cut in terms of style, price point, and overall use. Some of these pieces are end-of-season, from cult brands such as Balenciaga, COMME Des GARÇONS, Fendi, and Saint Laurent. Cop it before it's gone.

1. Saint Laurent Black Mini City Backpack, $713

Nylon and leather backpack featuring floral graphics printed in red, black, and white throughout. Adjustable shoulder straps. Carry handle at top. Zippered pocket at face with logo stamp in silver-tone. Two-way zip closure with leather pull tabs at main compartment. Zippered pocket and patch pocket with leather logo patch at interior. Silver-tone hardware. Tonal stitching. Approx. 10" length x 13" height x 5" width.


2. Brown ‘Forever Fendi’ Runaway Tote, $1625

Structured sheer mesh tote in brown. Tonal buffed leather piping and logo pattern printed throughout. Twin logo-engraved stacked leather hoop carry handles at top. Zippered pocket at face. Hoop hardware at sides. Unlined. Silver-tone hardware. Tonal stitching. Approx. 17" length x 15" height x 6" width.


3. Balenciaga Red Everyday Campaign Pouch, $338

Slim calfskin pouch in red. Logo printed at face. Zip closure. Silver-tone logo stamp at black leather-lined interior. Silver-tone hardware. Tonal stitching. Approx. 10" length x 7.25" height.


4. Loewe Pink Gingham Puzzle Bag, $2280

Convertible panelled 'soft grained' calfskin shoulder bag in 'salmon' pink. Gingham pattern throughout. Rolled carry handle at top. Detachable and adjustable shoulder strap with lanyard clasp fastening. Logo embossed at top face. Zippered pocket and D-ring hardware at back face. Bumper studs at base. Concealed zip closure at main compartment. Patch pockets and leather logo patch at interior. Textile lining in beige. Silver-tone hardware. Tonal stitching. Approx. 11" length x 8" height x 5" width.


5. Philip Lim Blue Denim Alix Crossbody Bag, $572

Denim shoulder bag in 'washed' blue. Box chain shoulder strap. Foldover flap with signature 'paper clip' fastening at face. Patch pocket at back face. Patch pocket and gold-tone logo stamp at interior. Black leather lining. Silver-tone hardware. Tonal stitching. Approx. 9" length x 6" height x 3.5" width.


6. Versace Black Medium Daydreamer Bag, $789

Grained calfskin top handle bag in black. Rolled carry handles at top. Embossed Medusa graphic, embossed logo, and zippered pocket featuring hoop zip-pull at face. Expansion panel at sides. Zip closure at main compartment. Zippered pocket and patch pocket at tonal twill-lined interior. Bumper studs at base. Gold-tone hardware. Tonal stitching. Approx. 11" length x 13" height x 9" width.


7. Off-White White Medium ‘Sculpture’ Tote, $469

Structured Saffiano leather tote in white. Twin carry handles. Detachable and adjustable shoulder strap with post-stud fastening. Alternate logo webbing shoulder strap with post-stud fastening. Silver-tone logo stamp and white printed text at face. Zippered pocket and logo-engraved binder clip hardware at black buffed leather interior. Black hardware. Tonal stitching. Approx. 8.5" length x 11.5" height x 4" width.


8. Chloé Blue Small Faye Bag, $1209

Suede and 'smooth' leather bag in 'airy' blue. Adjustable shoulder strap with post-stud fastening. Lanyard clasp on curb chain attaches to hoop hardware at face. Embossed logo at face. Foldover flap with magnetic press-stud fastening. Embossed logo and patch pockets at interior. Suede lining in beige. Silver-tone hardware. Tonal stitching. Approx. 9.5" length x 5.5" height x 3" width.


9. Enya Hindmarch Black Mini Eyes Backpack, $759

Grained 'circus' leather backpack in black. Carry handle at top. Twin adjustable shoulder straps. Zippered compartment and signature embossed graphics at face. Two-way zip closure. Gold-tone logo stamp and zippered pocket at interior. Textile logo-patterned lining in beige. Gold-tone hardware. Tonal stitching. Approx. 9" length x 13" height x 4" width.


10. Miu Miu Ivory Striped Fur Clutch, $694

Lamb fur clutch colorblocked in ivory, beige, and green. Beige leather trim throughout. Detachable curb chain shoulder strap with lanyard clasp fastening. Leather and shearling appliqué in red, pink, and black at face. Zip closure. Zippered pocket and logo plaque at interior. Beige leather and satin lining. Silver-tone hardware. Tonal stitching. Approx. 12" length x 8.5" height x 1" width.


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