Every day, I get calls from anonymous phone callers. They ruin a few seconds of my life and drive my head nuts to the extent where I want to destroy my home phone. If I didn't have a home phone, my life would be all the more peaceful. No more seconds wasted.

Whenever the home phone rings, I need to walk over to it. I don't pick it up right away, so it keeps ringing. I listen to the caller identity before I decide to pick it up. If it is a city or anonymous phone caller, I won't pick up the phone.

What bugs me is that the same callers call me every day. For example, the Chinese advertisements keep calling every day even though I never take their calls. If I am the one that has to call people, one thing I know for sure is that if the person does not pick up my call many times, I will never call the person again. The same thing goes for text messaging. I do not know why these callers have the time to annoy me and everyone else in the world. Don't they have a life? If they do, then they should not be doing this.

Since the anonymous phone callers are bugging me, I'll also say I don't like the idea of prank calls. I know that some people do like them, but I do not think that prank calls are a good idea. If I hate being annoyed by anonymous phone callers, then I do not want to annoy people by calling them every day.

Hopefully, those phone calls will stop, so that I can discard my wish to destroy my home phone.