All 6 Songs On Troye Sivan's New 'In A Dream' EP, Ranked
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All 6 Songs On Troye Sivan's New 'In A Dream' EP, Ranked

Troye Sivan has unleashed his new EP, "In A Dream," today and here are all of its tracks, ranked.

All 6 Songs On Troye Sivan's New 'In A Dream' EP, Ranked

Troye Sivan spent most of last year on tour. He was supporting his sophomore album, "Bloom." It was a healthy mix of dance and pop which openly explored love from a gay male perspective. It was the first time Sivan's lyrics were as happy as his music sounded.

On his latest offering, "In A Dream," Sivan delves deep into themes of heartbreak and self-image. Perhaps the love he celebrated on "Bloom" is no more. Whatever Sivan's personal circumstances are, his music is, as always, an honest reflection of himself.

The full EP is out today and here are all 6 of its tracks, ranked.

6. "Take Yourself Home"

This was the first song we got from the EP back in April. It talks about taking a break from your daily life to remember your roots. It's an anthem, of sorts, for not losing sight of who you are.

The best part of the song is the house beat that comes in at the end. This was a song Sivan planned on releasing later this year, but rushed it early due to the pandemic.

5. "Could Cry Just Thinkin' About You"

Something tells me if this track were longer, it would get a higher ranking. The melody of the chorus is so damn catchy and infectious. It's a crime this is only under a minute.

This feels more like an interlude than a song. I have a feeling there is a full version of this somewhere. If that's true, Troye needs to let us hear it right away!

4. "Stud"

While this could be seen as an anthem for going clubbing and picking up a hot guy, Sivan says there is a deeper meaning. The other layer of this song discusses body image and feelings of inadequacy while looking for a partner. This is something the gay community knows all too well.

Like with most of his work, Sivan continues his tradition of providing our lives with a much-needed soundtrack. Not to mention that the house beat tops it all off with a major slice of perfection.

3. "Easy"

This eighties-inspired tune is the kind of song that will get stuck in your head instantly. Sivan recounts a moment of infidelity and pleads with his lover not to leave.

The contrast between the heartbreaking lyrics and upbeat synths is genius. It feels like a nostalgia trip and classic Troye all at the same time.

2. "In A Dream"

It's easy to understand why this is both the title track and the last track on the EP. It is certainly the most anthemic and powerful song of the bunch. It also perfectly tops off the EP's theme of heartbreak and loss.

Sivan recounts the difficulty in recovering from a breakup when you dream about your ex. It is a relatable story people can see themselves in and could be very healing as a result.

1. "Rager Teenager!"

This track belongs at number one because of the melody alone. It hooks you and pulls you in right away. The lyrics also catch your attention, as they tackle desire and throwing caution to the wind.

It's a moment of escape and release that makes sense among the tough reality dealt with in the other songs.

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