Abortion is a choice. I mean I have always grown up thinking it's a choice. That's one thing most people don't understand and have a problem with. Before jumping to conclusions about the topic of abortion, make sure you know at least a little bit of the history!

Making abortion illegal began in the late 1800s. States began passing laws to start making abortion laws. Although different states had different laws for abortion. One reason for this is because they feared it would become overpopulated. There was a case in 1973 called Roe v. Wade, this trial made it legal for women to get safe abortions from doctors that had experience!

The thing with abortion is that it's your choice. Especially with the extremes of if rape, I know for a fact I would not want to carry my rapist baby! Rape is a very traumatic experience for women, and getting pregnant as a result can potentially make it so much worse! When a woman finds out after her attack she is faced with a the choice of either keeping the baby or having an abortion. This is where the abortion becomes her choice, and this is because if she chooses to keep the baby she might not take care of the baby as well as she should. Think about how it would feel if every time you looked at your baby it would bring back all the memories from that traumatic experience and cause you to have PTSD.

Another reason abortion is a choice is that if you are in a life-threatening situation for you and or the baby. As a mother if you already know your child would not have the greatest life due to health issues. It should be your choice to decide whether or not you would want to have your baby or abort your baby. As a mother, you fear that your baby is going to have health issues so if you know right off that bat that your baby is going to be sick his/her entire life you would want the choice to keep the baby or to not keep the baby. Now say the mother has life-threatening health issues and could potentially die having the baby you would want to have that choice to choose if they get an abortion or die having that baby and bringing a new life into this world!

Say you are not ready to bring a child into this world and you get pregnant, then that is a logical reason to get an abortion. You don't want to bring someone else into this world if you aren't totally ready to care for them because in the end, you are just hurting them. It's times like this that call for an abortion because you don't want to watch them suffer through life with nothing because you can't take care of them!

Some might argue that if you aren't ready for a child to give them up for adoption. These people believe adoption is a better choice than ending the babies life before it starts. While others might say don't have sex if you don't want to get pregnant. The people that say this just think it's because they had unprotected sex and got pregnant and don't want to deal with the consequences. Others say just because the baby has a heartbeat the baby should have the choice to live or not. The people that argue this say just because the baby has a heartbeat they should have all the same rights as we do to live or not.

Take a step back for me and look at all the kids sitting in foster care and have nothing. All because you people say adoption is a better choice, well that is not always the case. Adoption agencies have hundreds of kids in them. It's a very long process to even be adopted and it is very expensive.

When people are looking to adopt they want to know the background of the child's life, and if the mother was a crackhead or something then they are not going to want to adopt that child, because they are going to think the baby is messed up and that's why the mom couldn't keep him/her.

The children in the system have hard lives and it's not the easier route most of the time. Once the child reaches a certain age they get kicked out of the system, then what? Oh yeah, that's right they have nowhere to go because no one would adopt them due to their life situations. So no adoption is not the right choice and again it all goes back to being the mothers choice.

Abortion is a very controversial topic, and there is a lot of history that goes back on the topic. In my opinion, abortion is a choice the women should be able to make because there are many different cases that could make her not want to keep the baby. It really is a situation that comes down to making the best choice for the baby. If it's not your body or your baby then it shouldn't affect your life!