8 Youtube Channels For The Expert Procrastinator To Watch
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8 Youtube Channels For The Expert Procrastinator To Watch

Here are 8 Youtube channels to watch when anything but work sounds fun.

Two Youtubers stand in front of a camera with a green screen.

We have been doing this for ages: procrastinating. It has gotten even worse because of the Covid-19 pandemic as most of us are attending school and working online these past months. I openly admit my mental health is pretty bad (as most people in the world) but recently discovered the odd comfort in exploring Youtube channels in all types of genres.

My recent discovery has been helping me excuse myself from any type of work. I've found channels that fit the moods I want to possess in my schedule; chaotic, feel-good ones in the afternoon, subtly educational ones in the evenings, and hysterical ones for the 3 AM moods and mornings. It is only fair to share what I know.

1. Cody Ko

Cody Ko and his friend Noel Miller are talented people; they manage a successful podcast and have several music hits under their belt as Tiny Meat Gang. They blew up as YouTube commentators for series like That's Cringe under Cody Ko's YouTube Channel. Their humor can be very harsh according to some but you can't help but chuckle at least once in one of their videos.

Cody Ko's channel also introduces other series like 5 Min Crafts where Cody experiments if 5-Minute Craft videos really work, and Couple's Cringe with his girlfriend Kelsey. I find myself watching his channel when I'm alone chilling in bed during the day because laughing is a good ab workout.

2. Bailey Sarian

If you love makeup and mysteries and cold-blooded murder, Bailey Sarian's channel is the one for you. Not only will you be mesmerized by her makeup skills, but you'll also be very interested in the stories and cases she mentions in her video.

She is constantly uploading videos so there will always be something to watch. She sings her own theme song (it's adorable and catchy) and really focuses on the topic she wants to talk about rather than the products of her makeup (Bailey always has her makeup products listed at the bottom of her videos). She conducts her own research and even takes recommendations from her viewers. Her stories and cases sometimes go way back and can be unknown to many. And if you're really not interested in the gore and mystery, check out her makeup videos.

3. BuzzFeed Unsolved Network

unsolved bf video GIF by BuzzFeedGiphy

Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej are stupid funny and their friendship dynamic in the series is precious to watch. They have opposing views for most of the topics they research: Shawn is always the skeptical one, always arguing that the evidence cannot be true while Ryan is easily convinced with any evidence laid out to him. Watching them conduct experiments with the paranormal is the best thing to watch because the things they capture are chilling. Depending on the series you choose to watch, their channel is goofy to keep awake during the evening and ease into the night.

4. Markiplier

five nights at freddys 4 reaction s GIFGiphy

Markiplier is my next favorite channel to watch, especially for the gaming content. He is a gamer-commentator and makes series for scary games, funny games, and trending ones like Among Us. He is really fun to watch with his dramatic facial expressions and witty comments throughout every series. The most iconic ones are the playlists under Scary Games because they keep you on your toes. My favorite one to watch is Five Nights At Freddy's! His channel is also really good to review games you've been hesitant to try out or purchase. Other than that, Markiplier juggles being a comedian, conducting his own original sketches, and streaming other hilarious content to record his reaction.

5. Brian Esperon

Brian Esperon is known for his dancing skills, like the Tik Tok trending dance for WAP, and mesmerizing choreography. If you stream through his videos, the ones that show the checkered floor are going to be, without a doubt, godlike.

He records from the Island of Guam with his dancers. Something to appreciate about his channel is the diversity of body types. Some people are really self-conscious about the way they move because of their body type but the dancers on his channel build you that confidence with their skill and fierceness on the dance floor as they come in all shapes and sizes. You can also see the different styles of every dancer in the way they move and their facial expressions; it's very beautiful and refreshing.

His channel is definitely a feel-good one and a great inspiration for any type of choreo.

6. Good Mythical Morning

are you proud good mythical morning GIF by Rhett and LinkGiphy

I'm never awake early enough to watch their videos but I love their opening slogan in every single video. Rhet and Link are those weird guys who are always up to something interesting. In summary, their channel is a manifestation of anyone's shower thoughts; they talk about things that are a bit unnecessary but are extremely interesting. I find myself watching their videos before bed and go on until 3 AM.

Their Will it? series is the most addicting. The two men are experts in conducting food experiments. No shame here.

7. 1MILLION Dance Studio

I love the choreography in this channel. The studio is constantly uploading videos with songs that are currently trending. The camera work and dance skills are concise and clean and they move as though they are one unit; with consistent facial expressions and accuracy. It looks almost effortless.

They also introduce choreography videos on different skill levels, making it easy for viewers to follow and procrastinate some more from their work. For their videos, they always have the song edited and on repeat when a new group of dancers enters the scene. It helps a lot if you're following through the dance.

8. Chubbyemu

The person behind Chubbyemu makes medical videos with various cases that either he or his colleagues have seen in the past. They're really amazing to watch and you learn a few things at the end of every one.

What you can appreciate about Chubbyemu's channel are his narratives; he focuses on conducting flashbacks to help the case and thoroughly explains any term he uses when he describes the state of the person and what's going on in their body. I'm the type of person who constantly wants to validate my intelligence and this kind of channel brings me peace because I can understand what he is saying. He educates the viewers by taking down the words he uses to their Latin meaning and does this repeatedly in his videos.

These channels are really fun to go through and they're really suitable for October's spooky vibes. I encourage you to do whatever you're supposed to do but take a break and explore. You've earned the excuse to procrastinate for the time being.

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