7 Superstitions In Chinese Culture
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7 Superstitions In Chinese Culture

Even with scientific knowledge, we still believe in superstitions sometimes. Come and check out the seven most believed superstitions in Chinese culture.

Photo by Kasturi Roy on Unsplash

When I was a little kid, my grandma told me many weird and scary superstitions, like if I don't finish all the rice in my bowl, my future lover will be a person with many acne scars. Well, thank god I finished the rice every time because my ex indeed has flawless skin. (but that didn't prevent him from breaking my heart. Sorry ex!)

Through these few thousand-years of evolving, Chinese superstitions became the belief or the last hope for people in crisis. Even nearly every adult who believes in science doesn't trust these superstitions. We still practice them sometimes. Maybe it's for good luck or to avoid the bad lucks. Here are 7 Superstitions beloved by the Chinese:

Eyelids twitching

you found your right eyelid twitching, which means you will have money luck. But if it is your left eyelid, that means you will get into some trouble in the next few days.

Sign with a red pen

Commonly you don't sign your name with a red pen because that is bad luck. Back in ancient times, only people who will get the death penalty sign their names in red.

No pears in hospitals

The pronunciation of pears in Chinese sounds similar to "separate." You don't want to be separated from your loved ones by death in a hospital, so no pears in hospitals.

Can't play chopsticks and bowls as instruments

When I was a kid, my mom won't let me use chopsticks to hit an empty bowl because that's how beggars beg for food back in the old days.

Can't step on your own shadow

Shadow equals a person's spirit in some cultures. So stepping in your own shadow can hurt your spirit.

Crow is bad luck

Similar to western superstitions that black cats are viewed as bad luck, the Chinese view crow as back luck.

Six is a good number

The number six represents good luck, and six six six is even better. (Completely opposite in western culture!)

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