6 Things You Learn When You're On Your 7 Hour Drive Home
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6 Things you learn When You're On Your 7 hour drive home

"Country road take me home, to the place, I BELOOONNGGG."

6 Things you learn When You're On Your 7 hour drive home
Photo Courtesy of Courtenay Emmil

Deciding to move out of my semi-small town of 60,000 in the middle of ~ nowhere ~ North Dakota is something I will be forever happy about. I moved to the city that I had idolized when I was younger, and I now attend my dream school. While there are many perks of living in a big city, such as new connections, professional sporting events, more people in general, more class options and just about everything else, there is one major downfall: the drive home. A seven hour drive to a home-cooked meal and spare bedroom at your parents' house is a lot of time to sit and reflect (not to mention the drive back to college). Here is a list of the funniest, weirdest and honest things I have learned about myself, North Dakota, Minnesota and life in general.

1. Buying gas sucks

The days of asking your dad to fill up your gas tank with a big, loving smile on your face are long gone. I personally spend around $45 to get home on gas alone, which REALLY adds up. $45 in college translates to a lot of things: a week's worth of groceries, a very irresponsible night out along with late night pizza, half of a textbook you'll never open or a new bangin' outfit...but gas? A boring drive in the middle of nowhere? No thank you!

2. The Discover Weekly playlist on Spotify will be your best friend

When your basic a** playlists run out and you have listened to your favorite pre-game songs five times over while developing FOMO since you are driving away from all of your friends, the Discover Weekly playlist will help you on your way. Due to the secret agent in our phones and Spotify's amazing sister stalker skills (if you don't get this reference, go sister study), we have a beautiful playlist of songs that Spotify thinks we will love. 10/10 would recommend.

3. "Minnesota Nice" is not a thing

"Minnesota Nice is only real to people who have never been to North Dakota" is the truest statement I have ever heard. The minute my little gas-wasting car speeds over the North Dakotan border, it's as if the sun shines a little brighter, the grass is a little greener (okay, maybe not because North Dakota is primarily wheat fields), the cows moo a little louder (does Minnesota actually have cows?) and my smile gets a little bigger (so cheesy, I know).

4. Country music is the best music

After listening to any playlist titled something along the lines of "Get Lit" or "Frat Fridayeee" on repeat 10 times, you probably would want to smash your radio in, right? Right. But, let me tell you, listening to Florida Georgia Line or Luke Bryan could probably keep you entertained, sad, happy, in love, in an "eff relationships" mentality or really any other mood possible the whole drive home.

5. Hour four is the worst in a seven hour drive

I have made this drive enough times to know that I have a distinct mood for each hour and to know BY HEART that hour #4 is BY FAR the worst of them all. Hour #4 is when the hype is over, you have stopped at a little town gas station already, speeding is no longer a thrill because you clearly aren't getting home any faster, you've already tried calling all of your friends, you have to pee (again) and you have come so far but still have so far to go. Hour four is where dreams go to die, nothing is fun and you just want to hug your mom.

​6. The look on your family's face when you finally walk through the door makes the whole drive worth it

After the cramps, gas prices, lack of music, sticking to leather car seats and questioning why on earth you went so far away to school, walking into your parents' living room and receiving huge smiles, hugs and an immediate offering of food makes every second of the drive worth it.

If you are ever thinking of going to college in some crazy big city far away that requires something similar to my seven-hour drive, do it. It will be the best decision of your life and you will love (almost) every second of it, even the drive home.

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