5 Reasons Why I Love Karachi
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5 Reasons Why I Love Karachi

Introducing ... Karachi

5 Reasons Why I Love Karachi

Karachi, the financial hub of Pakistan, and also the seventh largest urban agglomeration in the world. It is the second most populous city in the world. The second largest city in the Muslim world. The most dangerous city in the world. It is one of the largest coastal cities in the world. All of these definitions may be highly accurate and true, but none of them capture the feeling I feel for the city — my hometown. Karachi, for me, is a merger of unresolved conflicts and unappreciated beauty. Once you get a taste of it, you become a part of it. It can either embrace you and watch over you, or it can completely assimilate you and take away your oneness. You cannot untie the knot.

So here are a few things about Karachi that compliment my feeling for it.

1. The energy.

The city is a metropolis of 20 million people, always hustling and bustling. The people are always on the go and the pace is always fast. There is no stopping or looking back. In Karachi, it is all about dreaming and achieving. There are skyscrapers, there are ports, there are factories, there are mansions, and there is wealth. There are shantytowns, there are slums, there is a large informal sector, there is filth, and there is poverty. However, what remains constant throughout is the desire to grow and never give up. It is this desire that creates the energy Karachi is known for — it brings every aspect of the city together.

2. The diversity.

Karachi houses communities from various parts of Pakistan and South Asia. These communities all have varying traditions, cultures, customs, languages and cuisines. Some of the major ethnicities and communities are Punjabi, Sindhi, Gujrati, Memon, Balti, Bihari, Goan, Seraiki, Pathan and Balochi. Each one of these communities has different things to offer to Karachi and they all contribute to the city’s growth and expansion collectively. The multiple religious communities also contribute greatly to the Karachi’s diversity, for example, the city houses Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Parsis, and Sikhs. Various monuments and tourist attractions mark their existence and impact. For example, there are some notable arenas in the central area of Saddar, such as the St Patrick’s Cathedral, Swami Narayan Mandir, Memon Mosque, Parsi Dar-e-Mehr, and the Aga Khani Jamaat-Khaana. All of these monuments, places, religions, cultures and people represent the diverse city and show how Karachi is truly an amalgamation of a vast number of identities.

3. The food.

The diversity contributes to all of its delectable variety. Its delicacies caters to the different communities of Karachi. You can find food from all over the country here. Be it the Bihari Kebabs from Burns Road, the Gola Ganda from Dhoraji, the Biryani from Nazimabad, the Goan Crab Curry from Metropole or the Chicken Tandoori from Boat Basin. The city and its people embrace all of these specialties and make them a part of their collective, Karachi identity.

4. The sea.

The sea has always been special for Karachi. The city has a coastline of approximately 70 kilometres and has more than 20 beaches. Each beach or coastal area has its own spark and character. For example, if one wants to simply relax and enjoy the warmth of the sand and the freshness of the water, Sandspit is the beach to go to. If one wants to live it up in a luxurious beach house at a private beach, then French Beach is the best option. If one wants to simply enjoy the sound of the waves in sync with the sound of traffic, horns, and dialogue, then Sea View and Clifton beach is the place to be at — since it is a city beach, it is relatively dirtier and busier — you look ahead, you see the calm, pure, never ending sea. You look back, and you see a chaotic urban setting of buildings under construction, moving cars, and people on the go. I love the sea because it is one thing that does not change and gives the busy city an opportunity to take a break and relax. The relationship Karachi shares with the sea truly shows the coexistence of the ever changing with the constant.

5. The people.

Karachi is nothing without its people. The people are the life of this city. There is a sense of collectiveness, belonging and togetherness in this chaotic, developing, fun, fast-paced, and dangerous city that makes it what it is. The person could be a Punjabi Muslim from Defence, a Christian Goan from Cantt, a Memon from Dhoraji Colony, a Parsi from Clifton, or a Dehli-Wala from Nazimabad. Each resident of the city has his or her own set of contributions that has influenced the positive social and economic growth in Karachi. It is the people. It is their desire. To never pause.

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