Up until this point in the spring semester, college is basically a routine that people get used to, eventually gain a handle on without worry, and hopefully learn to love. Every day is comfortably the same, you wake up, you go to class, eat some meals, hang with some friends, do homework, etc., and without even thinking about it, the school year comes to a close quicker than it started. However, this end cannot be reached until college students overcome the dreaded final six weeks of spring semester. Here are the five stops of the emotional train ride that is the journey of these last 42 days of school.

1. Stressed.


Your professors decided that it is just the best thing in the world for everyone to pile on every possible assignment at once before you can even say the words "summer vacation". This means a lot of work for students and a lot of grading for the professors, hmm interesting.

2. Over it.


The heat and the amount of stress you will have to endure from your professors sometimes just gets to you and you can just be like, "you know what? I'm just done, summer please?"

3. Ready for summer.


Most often, summer means the ability to do close to nothing if you really wanted to. Yes, people travel, work, do things for entertainment, etc., but the freedom to not have to get up early and doing homework every day, tends to get pretty tempting around this time of the year.

4. Nostalgic for the year you are about to leave behind.

With all this freedom in mind, however, there is an amount of bittersweet that often runs through the minds of college students. The last nine months have been a roller coaster and it's about to be the time of the year when all the nefriends you have spent nurturing relationships with the past two semesters, suddenly have to part ways from you to go back home. Thinking about this makes the next three months feel of possible eternity.

5. And boom, the year is over.

After this train ride of stress and nostalgia, suddenly the six weeks that you thought would never end, in fact do end. You blink and you're staying up late cramming for exams and then packing up the room you've called home for the previous nine months. The last six weeks of spring semester are an absolute whirlwind of emotions, to say the very least.

With all of these five thoughts in mind to wrap up the last 42 days, most college students probably would not have it any other way. The stresses and frustration of these weeks is pretty heavy, but the release of negative energy and the regaining freedom for the summer makes it all worth it. It's tough to say goodbye to your friends, but these six weeks probably wouldn't be the same without these five emotions.