21 Thoughts Student Teachers Have When Shopping For Classroom Clothing

21 Thoughts Student Teachers Have When Shopping For Classroom Clothing

Unfortunately, "There are so many options!" isn't one of them.

Finding classroom-appropriate clothing is a real struggle for teaching majors, especially if your university or placement school has a strict dress-code. Here are 21 thoughts every student teacher has when searching through the racks at Target (or Walmart, or Kohl's, etc.).

1. Does this dress make me look like I'm 40?

2. Is "right above the knee" long enough?

3. How would I ever match this to a top?

4. How many times a week could I wear these pants and get away with it?

5. Why is everything sleeveless????

6. I'm not even gonna bother trying to match jewelry with this outfit.

7. Why is everything so sheer????

8. Okay, there is way too much black in my cart.

9. Maybe I should try wearing colors again?

10. Except, the last time I wore yellow the kids said I looked like a banana.

11. Black it is.

12. Oooh! That'd be cute for Friday night!

13. Wait--stay focused.

14. Oh, I'm suuuuure I'll be able to sit on the floor in that pencil skirt.

15. What's my school's policy on open-toed shoes? Aka--can I just wear my Birkenstocks every day?

16. Is this dress marker, glue, and booger-resistant?

17. Can I just wear t-shirt dresses every day?

18. This looks like one of my kids designed it.

19. Woah! Thirty-five dollars for a blouse???

20. I'll have to take an extra shift next week to pay for this.

21. *Sigh* Why can't teachers just wear scrubs?

My advice? Avoid the stress and frustration of in-person shopping and look on Amazon for some age and setting-appropriate clothing. I practically have a whole closet full of things I've found on there. (Plus, students can get free shipping!)

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A Trip To A Beautiful Red And White Mansion Called Target

The most magical place on earth besides Disney World.

Target. The most magical place on earth besides Disney World. I am not even exaggerating. Target is my go to store. I go there for groceries(only sometimes though because we all know Walmart and Food Lion is cheaper), health and beauty products, clothes, and most importantly random things. The little dollar section is my favorite. This beautiful red and white mansion has literally everything you could possibly need. Especially if it has a Starbucks as well!

When it comes to target I am always in the mood. It makes my life a little better. Sometimes I plan to go there ahead of time or it could be an impulse trip that was not planned. Those are the best. Now I am going to walk you through my typical target trip experience.

First parking.

I tend to try my best to park in the same area. Usually around the same parking spot near where you put the shopping carts outside. I take a huge sip from my water bottle before getting out of my car and into the adventure I am about to start. I never carry my pocketbook in. Just my keys, wallet, and phone. I don't need something hanging on my shoulder while I'm roaming the aisles.

The entrance.

As the big glass doors slide open I feel like a queen walking to her throne. Kinda. I grab a basket to carry for the planned or unplanned items that I will place in it. The dollar section is definitely the first spot I hit up. Depending on the month I will try to find the holiday socks that they have for almost every holiday. I currently have more than twenty pairs of the dollar holiday socks. This section is also great to find little notebooks, planners, notepads, pens, and other organizing essentials. Just the other day I found a planner, calendar, some pens, and a pair of socks and I felt like I had hit the jackpot. I really hit the jackpot even before December with the Christmas socks. I seriously bought ten different pairs for myself.


After finally spending too much time at the dollar section I make my way around the store. Depending on how I feel or if I am in a hurry I will go to multiple sections or just straight to what I came for. Mainly I browse through the clothes, sleepwear, and activewear first. I work my way towards the books and movies. But not before I take a look at the men's clothes as well. Their t-shirts are SO much better. It's not fair. Then, it's to the seasonal section. I love looking at all of the decorations or stuff for the seasons.

To the food area, I go. I love the food choices at Target. There isn't much in produce, just some basics but there is a lot of snacks choices, oatmeals, peanut butter, etc. It's great. After finding random somewhat healthy foods I go to home and decor. One day when I have my own home this will be my go to area. I like looking at all of the mugs and kitchen stuff while making notes in my mind that I would like those things in my future home. The throw pillows and blankets that will be in my bedroom and the little wall decor that will hang up on the walls. Wow, I daydream about target decor.

After, all of my roaming and self check-outing I decide whether or not I need Starbucks before I leave. Usually, the answer is yes! Of course! Even though, lately I have been trying to cut out getting coffee as much because of all the caffeine. Also, I have a lot of K-cups so I need to stop spending so much on coffee. Ha.


An hour and a half after arriving I am finally exiting the wonderful store happy and not ashamed of how much money I spent. It's unhealthy I know. But what can I say, I am a mom trapped in a nineteen-year-olds body I guess?

Cover Image Credit: WikiMedia Commons

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The Beginner's Guide To Thrift Shopping

4 simple tips to jump-start your thrifting journey.

If you want to start looking for a bargain or some beautiful vintage pieces for your home or wardrobe, then this article is the one for you.

I am not an expert in thrifting, but I must give myself some credit, because thrift store clothing fills up half my closet as well as room décor. I also currently work at a thrift store which also gives me some experience, as well as winning the “best dressed” superlative by pretty much wearing only thrifted clothing my entire high school career. Anyways, thrifting is a magical experience that I feel like everyone should try at least once in their lives. So here are my most helpful tips to enhance your shopping adventure.

My first tip is set aside a whole day to thrift shop. It is a very time-consuming activity because there is SO MUCH to see in one store: clothing, shoes, books, records, furniture, the list goes on. Since most of the items you find in these stores are unique and vintage pieces from decades ago, there are more things to look at, because you won’t be pushing through the same five sweaters on a clothing rack. I also recommend going to multiple stores in one day, because like I said, thrift stores and antique shops contain things that you may not be able to find again.

My second tip is not to plan to look for anything specific. It is best to go into a thrift store with an open mind. This will allow you to pick up items that you may have not thought you’d like if you had a preconceived mindset of what it is you wanted to end up finding. Also, you tend to find the best pieces when you least expect it. Try not to develop any expectations before going into the store, because you could end up looking past a hidden gem.

My third tip is to look at EVERYTHING. Like I said earlier, there is so much to look at in thrift stores, all the way from clothing to furniture. Also, when I go thrifting, I look at the women’s AND men’s sections because the clothes are equally amazing. Most of my favorite finds are actually from the men’s sections. Clothes are just clothes, it doesn’t matter who wears them. Thrifting is a great way to step out of your comfort zone and develop a style unique to yourself.

Lastly, my fourth and final tip is to try the clothing on. If you can look past the fact that someone previously loved them, and they haven’t been washed yet, then it’s a good idea to try the clothes on, because some thrift stores can have tricky return or exchange policies. You want to be happy with your purchases and enjoy every part of the experience.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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