20 Hozier Lyrics That Will Make You Wonder Why He Hasn't Won A Pulitzer (Yet)
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20 Hozier Lyrics That Will Make You Wonder Why He Hasn't Won A Pulitzer (Yet)

How many people can make a song about rotting corpses sound beautiful? (#7)

20 Hozier Lyrics That Will Make You Wonder Why He Hasn't Won A Pulitzer (Yet)

It's perfectly fine to enjoy music simply for how it sounds. However, for me, well-composed lyrics add another level of beauty and dimension.

Hozier has been one of my favorite artists for years but was only recently that I really started paying attention to and analyzing his lyrics.

I love his use of imagery and references to nature in almost every song. He crafts simple words into intricate lyrics that forces you to reconsider the nature of life, death, love, and society. .

Whether you've heard these songs or not, please enjoy some of my favorite, Pulitzer-worthy lines.

1. Take Me to Church


There is no sweeter innocence than our gentle sin

In the madness and soil of that sad earthly scene

Only then I am human

Only then I am clean

2. Angel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene

Feeling more human and hooked on her flesh I

Lay my heart down with the rest at her feet

Fresh from the fields, all fetor and fertile

It's bloody and raw, but I swear it is sweet

3. Jackie and Wilson

Lord, it'd be great to find a place we could escape sometime

Me and my Isis growing black irises in the sunshine

Every version of me dead and buried in the yard outside

Sit back and watch the world go by

4. Someone New


There's an art to life's distractions

To somehow escape the burning weight

The art of scraping through

5. To Be Alone


Never felt too good in crowds

With folks around

When they're playing

The anthems of rape culture loud

6. From Eden


Innocence died screaming

Honey, ask me, I should know

I slithered here from Eden

Just to sit outside your door

7. In a Week


I have never known peace like the damp grass that yields to me

I have never known hunger like these insects that feast on me

A thousand teeth and yours among them, I know

Our hunger's appeased

Our heart beats becoming slow

8. Sedated

You and I are nursing on a poison that never stung

Our teeth and lungs are lined with the scum of it

Some whiff of this, death and guts

9. Cherry Wine


Her fight and fury is fiery

Oh, but she loves like also to the freezing

Sweet and right and merciful

I'm all but washed in the tide of her breathing

10. In the Woods Somewhere


I clutched my life and wished it kept

My dearest love, I'm not done yet

How many years I know I'll bear

I found something in the woods somewhere

11. Run

Rare is this love, keep it covered

I need you to run to me, lover

Run until you feel your lungs bleeding

12. Almost (Sweet Music)


The very thought of you and I am blue?

A love supreme seems far removed

I get along without you very well some other nights

13. No Plan

Let it hurt

Let the awful song be heard

Blue bird, I know your beat baby

But your secret is safe with me

Cause if secrets were like seeds

Keep my body from the fire

Hire a gardener for my grave

14. Nobody

I'd be appalled if I saw you ever try to be a saint

I wouldn't fall for someone I thought couldn't misbehave

But I want you to know that I've had no love like your love

15. To Noise Making (Sing)


Who could ask you be unbroken or be brave again?

Or honey, hope even on this side of the grave again?

And who could ask you to be sound or to feel safe again?

Well stick around until you hear that music play again

16. Shrike

I was highest by your warm, but I was transformed

By your grounded and giving and darkening scorn

Remember me, love, when I'm reborn

As the shrike to your sharp and glorious thorn

17. Talk

Marvelin' at God

Before he feels alone one final time

And marries the sea

Imagine bein' loved by me

18. Would That I

With each love I cut loose I was never the same

Watching still living roots be consumed by the flame

I was fixed on your hand of gold

Laying waste to my lovin' long ago

19. Sunlight


Each day, you rise with me

Know that I would gladly be

The Icarus to your certainty

Oh, my sunlight

20. Wasteland, Baby!

nd that day we'll watch

The death of the sun

To the cloud and the cold

And those jeans you'll have on

And you'll gaze unafraid

As they sob from the city roofs

Wasteland, baby!

I'm in love with you

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