14 Things To Never Tell A Biracial Person

As a biracial person, I often hear uncomfortable questions and comments about my race. Normally, I just change the subject to avoid discomfort. Here’s what my sassy side would really like to say:

1. "Mixed babies are SOOO GOALS!"

Stop it, please. I’m already so uncomfortable.

2. "So like… what are you?"

What am I? I’m a person. Next.

3. "You’re so exotic!"

Ew, no. Only I can say that about myself ironically.

4. "Which side do you like better?"

Why do I have to choose which race I like being a part of more? I love both parts of my heritage. I love my mom just as much as I love my dad.

5. "Are your grandparents okay with it?"

Are you saying they shouldn’t be?

6. "You’re not a minority, stop pretending like you are."

Please stop disregarding my family history. Being mixed doesn’t make my family’s past invalid.

7. "Growing up must have been so difficult and confusing."

Yeah, it was, just like it was for everyone.

8. "So if you’re only half [ethnicity], that means you’re only half [offensive stereotype], right?"

Unless you want to sound like a prepubescent boy who can’t think of a better insult, please don't say this to a biracial person.

9. "You’re lucky, you have such great eyes/skin/hair because you’re biracial. "

No race is more beautiful than the other. I get that you’re trying to compliment me, but it doesn’t make me feel good.

10. "I bet guys/girls are all over you. Biracial people are hot!"

Like I said, no race is more beautiful the other, and that includes mixed races. I’m not here to satisfy your weird kink.

11. "Wow, you don’t look [ethnicity]!"

How do you want me to react to this? 'Cause all you’re gonna get is a blank stare and an awkward “oh… okay.”

12. "You don’t look like your mom/dad!"

Well, yeah. I’m a mix of them, not a carbon copy. You just asked for another awkward blank stare.

13. "You’re not [ethnicity] enough to speak out about racism/oppression."

No group is "qualified" enough to talk about race issues. And being biracial shouldn’t affect my ability to do so.

14. "Since you’re only half, do you still get offended by race jokes?"

If you have to ask me, the answer is probably yes.

I love being biracial, but hearing remarks like these over and over can get tiring and just plain annoying. Admittedly, talking to people who are different than you can be nerve-wracking. It can drive people to say unintentionally offensive things. I understand that, so I won’t hate you or judge you for slipping up. But being in such a diverse community requires dealing with interactions with people who are different, so we need to learn how to avoid saying these silly comments.

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