13 Reasons Why Kylo Ren Would Be A Better President Than Donald Trump
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13 Reasons Why Kylo Ren Would Be A Better President Than Donald Trump

If America is going to elect a villain, they should at least elect the right one.

13 Reasons Why Kylo Ren Would Be A Better President Than Donald Trump
Why the conflicted Kylo Ren is the perfect Star Wars villain

Everybody loves a good bad guy. So maybe that’s why Donald Trump is currently the front-runner for the Republican nomination for President of the United States? It seems like every time he says something racist, sexist, or just plain terrible, his poll numbers go up. But look out, Trump, there’s a new villain on the block who the internet is obsessing over. His name is Kylo Ren, and despite his murderous ways, there are a lot of reasons why he would be a better President.

1. His hair is more luxurious.

I mean, it's not really a comparison. Those luscious locks, versus well... you know.

2. His Twitter game is strong.

Kylo Ren's first tweet was on Dec. 21, and he already has over 770,000 followers. That's pretty impressive, especially since he only tweets about Darth Vader and Hot Topic.

3. When he is angry, he expresses himself, instead of bottling it up.

Who hasn't had a lightsaber-fueled temper tantrum? It happens. The important thing is that after blowing off some steam, Kylo Ren is cool, calm, and collected. As long as he is allowed a time and a place to break stuff, he could definitely handle the stress of Presidential decision making.

4. He has an eight pack. He is shredded.

This fact may not help him be a better President, but it certainly doesn't hurt.

5. He values education.

As he battles Rey, he offers to be her teacher and show her the ways of The Force. Kylo obviously knows that education, especially for women, is important.

6. He made his own lightsaber.

Sure, it sometimes seems unstable, but Kylo Ren is unstable, so it works.

7. He's super close with his grandpa.

Kylo Ren idolizes his grandfather, and confides in his spirit whenever he feels conflicted. Because he is on the younger side, it's important for Kylo Ren to have older advisers he can go to so that he can best represent all of the American people.

8. He expresses remorse for his actions.

Yes, Kylo Ren has a lot more "I'm sorry" cards to write, but at least he's started. Name the last time Donald Trump apologized for something.

9. Instead of calling women terrible names, he literally sweeps them off their feet.

Kylo Ren is a lot of things, but sexist is not one of them.

10. His mother has political and military experience.

We know Kylo has some daddy issues, but maybe he’ll listen to his mom. She was a princess and senate member, and is currently the founding general of the Resistance movement. Just like The Force, politics run in the family.

11. He can read minds.

Or at least rip memories from them, which is a pretty cool power. While some view this as a form of torture, it's probably still less painful than Trump being your President.

12. He's committed to his career.

We know Kylo Ren would be a good President, because he’s already demonstrated he will do literally anything (too soon?) to prove himself. He will stop at nothing until he gets the job done and finishes what Darth Vader started. Just imagine if he brought that kind of dedication to the White House.

13. He is open to change.

Donald Trump is stuck in his ways, but there's still hope for Kylo Ren. Sure, right now he is committed to turning to the Dark Side, but he's also admitted he still feels the pull to the light.

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