12 Men To Call At 11:59 On New Year's Eve In Aggieland
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12 Men To Call At 11:59 On New Year's Eve In Aggieland

Single again this New year?

12 Men To Call At 11:59 On New Year's Eve In Aggieland
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Here are Aggieland's top picks for your midnight countdown kiss, ranked!

12. Ben Shrader

Everybody's favorite promoter, why not invite him down to your New Year's party? Or pay him to promote it? You can count on him to be dressed nice!

11. The Rapping Professor

It's probably against multiple school rules, but at least he will liven up the party with his rapping.

10. Michael K. Young

He may be a bit older, but who better than the President of the University to invite to your New Year's gathering!

9. The guy who runs the Aggie Spirit Twitter account

The man? They myth. The legend. @tamubusdriver12

8. 12th Man Jesus

7. Reid Williams

6. Karsten Lowe

5. Blake Jones

4. Gavin Suel

3. Connor Joseph

2. Cullen Gillaspia

Need I say more?

1. Jimbo Fisher

Clemson v Texas A&M


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