the 100 things millennials have ruined
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The 100 Things Millennials have ruined: A Comprehensive List

Hint: It's just about everything!

The 100 Things Millennials have ruined: A Comprehensive List

Millennials: the generation everyone loves to hate. The babies of 1980 to 1995 take a lot of heat. I mean, we inherited a crashed economy, earn stagnant wages, live with crippling student loan debt, and try to enact change in a rigged system but our affinity for avocado toast and use of technology has wrecked society as we know it! As a tail end millennial, I wanted to know what I was ruining and, like any other annoying millennial would, I did some research. I scoured the internet, read online newspapers and scrolled through every listicle I could find. So, in case you needed another reason to resent the millennial in your life, here are the 100 industries we've killed, things we've ruined or concepts we've destroyed.



We're killing movie theaters, too



Sorry, but Netflix and Hulu beat cable every time.


Once again, Netflix and Hulu


Find me a more expensive and boring sport, I dare you.


NFL and college football


CTE, concussions and permanent brain damage just aren't our style.

The Olympics




Our trust issues with the banks go way back... like all the way back to 2008.



Because we don't take them? or because we take too many? or is just our presence on vacation a problem?


Post cards

But is anyone sad to see them go?

Canadian tourism

Mexican internet

Still not sure how, why or when this happened but apparently it's our fault.



This one may actually be our fault


Designer handbags

My $10 bag from Forever 21 will work just fine, thank you.



We're not huge fans of broken ankles and permanent foot damage.

J. Crew

Department Stores

Macy's, Sears, Bon-Ton, JC Penney's... we've killed them all


Diamonds are little out of our price range but we can afford to propose with a ring pop!

The Anti-Aging industry

Auto marketing



Sorry for trying to save the planet

The Toyota Scion



Ding-Dong the doorbell's dead!

Home Depot


Online shopping is the only way to go.

Grocery Stores

GrubHub and Postmates... all day, everyday



Light Yogurt

Regular Yogurt is next on our list of "Things no one liked but will complain about us ruining"


Sorry, McDonald's

Big Mac



Honestly, I don't think millennials know what this is.



I find this one very hard to believe

Wine Corks





But... how do you kill a specific body part??



Does this mean millennials are less possessed? have less demons? someone please elaborate


Wait, I thought millennials spent all of their money on avocados and Sunday brunch?!

Casual Dining

Dinner Dates

I can't pay for a fancy dinner but we can split my ramen noodles!




We killed brunch and lunch?! two meals?! say it ain't so!


Did we kill just the paper ones? or the cloth ones too? Are we wiping our mouths on our sleeves? on our arms? the tablecloth? Who knew killing napkins would cause so many questions

Fabric Softener

Print News

R.I.P every local newspaper ever

The 2016 Election

*insert deep breathing here*


Corporate spending in elections? Russian interference? Corrupt politicians? Wrong! The correct answer was: Millennials


Last I checked, we we're still here... but what do I know?


The American Dream

The European Union

So is Brexit our fault, too?



I'm hoping this meant the concept of a "boss"... because actually killing your boss is taking the "Millennials kill everything" way too far.

9 to 5

Probably because most of us have to work 9 to 9 to make ends meet

Salary secrecy

This one should have been dead a long time ago

Office life

Goodbye, water cooler chats. May we never meet again.


The restaurant in NYC? the concept? Both?!

Loyalty programs

Loyalty in general


Fear of commitment: Part 1


Fear of commitment: Part 2

Starter Homes


On the count of 3! 1...2...3.... Renters forever!


Personal Debt Industry

Good Riddance...

The Lottery




The tree hugging, go green, recycle everything millennials are also the ones killing the trees: a conspiracy theory


The Oil Industry

We like our glaciers frozen, our cities above sea level, and our polar bears alive and well

Call Centers

The Focus Group

These shouldn't have been around in the first place



The crippling student loan debt? The stagnant wages for teachers? The underfunding of public schools? the school to prison pipeline? All of those are our fault? yes? oh, okay great

Gen X's Retirement

Sorry, mom and dad!




Because "It's all good" is obviously not an acceptable replacement for "you're welcome"

Face to Face Interaction

Eye contact isn't our best skill

The Value of Friendship

Baby Names

Kulture, Danger, Payzlie, and Royalty walk into a bar...

Taking Risks

We're all scaredy cats



Fish Hand handshakes for life!



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