10 Miranda Lambert Songs For Whatever You're Going Through
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10 Miranda Lambert Songs For Whatever You're Going Through

No matter what's going on in your life, I can assure you there is a Miranda Lambert song that you can relate to.

10 Miranda Lambert Songs For Whatever You're Going Through

I've never been a country girl. I grew up in the suburbs of Long Island listening to everything but country music. So, people tend to laugh at me now when I turn on my Oklahoma accent and blast some Miranda Lambert. But, my love for country music is deeper than you know.

If you don't know who Miranda Lambert is, she is a complete badass who says everything you want to say as a woman, but are afraid to. She's been through a lot of heartache and she does not give a shit if you judge her for how she chooses to heal her hurt.

The first time I heard a song by Miranda Lambert, I was in a pretty dark time in my life. I was in an abusive relationship, and was at the sickest stage in my eating disorder. I had absolutely no self confidence, and was struggling desperately to get through each day. Her music was one of the main things to get me out of the hole I saw no way out of. She sang all of the words I needed to hear at that time in my life.

No matter what you're going through, I can assure you there is a Miranda Lambert song you can relate to.

Here are 10 Miranda Lambert songs for whatever you are going through, along with my favorite lyrics in each.

1. Kerosene

Favorite lyric: 'He's out there holding on to someone, I'm holding up my smoking gun'

If you've completely given up on love, this song is for you. Miranda shows you how to be a total badass in this video. She shows you how it truly feels to get cheated on, and she definitely acts the way you want to. Watching someone you love, love someone else isn't easy. It's okay to get mad.

2. Gunpowder and Lead

Favorite lyric: 'He wants a fight, well now he's got one, he ain't seen me crazy yet'

This is truly for any girl who has ever been in an abusive relationship, whether it be with a boyfriend or a father. Obviously, I'm not condoning violence but if you've been abused by a man, you're probably pissed about it. Miranda will tell you that no man should ever put his hands on you, and if he does, revenge is the answer.

3. Bathroom Sink

Favorite lyric: 'Putting on my makeup, putting off the hard stuff, hoping that it passes, fake smile and eyelashes'

As a woman, I think we all have looked in the mirror and were not happy with the reflection we saw. In our society today, there is way too much pressure on women to look a certain way. Miranda talks about how we sometimes spend way too much time, with beauty products everywhere, cleaning up our bathroom sink.

4. Ugly Lights

Favorite Lyric: 'I drink too much to fall apart, that's how I fight this broken heart'

There's the girls with broken hearts who stay home and cry in bed, and then there's the girls who go to the bar alone and drown out their hearts. If you're that girl, you need to listen to this song. Miranda describes how the bartender definitely hates you, because you clearly don't need another drink, but you're not letting anyone judge how you heal.

5. Nobody's Fool

Favorite Lyric: 'The day I left is my only regret, and now it's become his biggest thrill'

Have you ever watched your ex walk into the bar you were at? You will instantly regret leaving him the second you see every head turn when he walks in. You watch him dance with that girl, and then see them leave together. When you're friends ask "Hey, don't you know him?" play it cool. You are nobody's fool.

6. The House That Built Me

Favorite Lyric: 'You leave home, you move on and you do the best you can, I got lost in this whole world and forgot who I am'

If you're ever missing the house you grew up in, this song is for you. Miranda talks about the memories she had in her old home. All she wants is to walk through the house that built her, into who she is today and she just wants to take nothing but a memory.

7. Over You

Favorite Lyirc: 'But you went away, how dare you, I miss you, they say I'll be okay, but I'm not going to ever get over you'

This song hits hard. If you're greiving a death or a breakup, Miranda gets it. When everyone tells you you're going to be okay after someone leaves your life completely, you certaintly don't feel that way. You feel as though your entire world has fallen apart and you will never get over them. This song is for the heartbroken who are still missing that someone.

8. Bring Me Down

Favorite Lyric: 'Sweet like a kiss, sharp like a razor blade, I find you when I'm close to the bottom'

For the girls with trusting hearts. If he could just leave, maybe you could move on. But he keeps coming back, and you are nowhere near strong enough to walk away. You let him bring you down and break your heart each and every time.

9. Girl Like Me

Favorite Lyric: 'When the lights go out, I won't be around, you can't have a heart like mine'

For the girls who break hearts, you're warning them with this song. If he's fool enough to listen, then you're fool enough to lie. He can't have your heart, but you'll let him hold it for awhile. This is who you are, you're just being honest. He doesn't need a girl like you, you're just going to end up hurting him.

10. Things That Break

Favorite Lyric: 'Hold a heart so tight it shatters, so I stay away from things that break'

This is for the girls who feel like they can't do anything right. If you can relate to feeling like you just wanna stay away from anything that you could potentially mess up, then you're staying away from things that break. It's all because someone or something once broke you. Miranda gets it.

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