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    I am a passionate person whose life centers on my friends, family, and personal happiness. These aspects of my life are most important to me and shape who I am. From growing up in New Jersey with my family I have learned my values and morals, gained my love of music from my family road trips, and learned how to survive living with two brothers. On the other hand, my friends have also played a huge role in my life. My friends have taught me always to speak my mind, try new things, and learn how to listen to others and help them when I can. Finally, my personal happiness is something that is a never ending focus for me; it is what I achieve by exploring my passions of art, music and television. Anyone who knows me is aware that I love these parts of life, and thrive on learning more and expressing my interests. In order to be true to my friends and family, and continue to explore my passions, I hope to major in communications, and possibly history, in order to stay true to what I love. The field of communications is so open that it will allow me to explore my passions while expressing my opinions, like my friends taught me, and keeping true to my values, as my family taught me. I believe that working for the Odyssey would be a unique and remarkable opportunity in which I could explore my interest in communications while still staying true to the ideas and interests that are important to me. Articles on sources like the Odyssey have always sparked my interest and shown to me what other people think, how they are thinking, and what is important to them. I would love to have the opportunity to share with the public how I and others around me see and experience the world. I believe it would be an amazing opportunity to work with others, share my ideas, and see how others respond and build off these ideas.

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