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    "As a culture we are used to being wrong over and over again, so when we finally find something that feels right, we don't let it go for fear of being wrong again...if only we would just learn that it is really not such a terrible thing to be wrong now and again." -Katelynn Reiss

    I tend to dabble in a lot of crazy awesome things, sometimes it is hard to keep track. As someone who enjoys playing just about any sport, I have declared a major in Physical Education. However, I have a niche for web design and an eye for photography. I enjoy watching movies and will most likely end up quoting movies in conversation with you. My taste in music is pretty unique (Irish/Folk) and I really enjoy going to concerts and festivals. One day I hope to open a business in the realm of Physical Education, possibly teaching home schooled students inside a turfed gymnasium of my own design. If that is not where my life is heading, then I will probably be teaching high school gym classes. Last but certainly not least, I really enjoy journalism and I hope that I can impact audiences all across the nation with my words. I feel that I as a writer will give a voice to those that otherwise would go unheard, which has always been something that has been a passion of mine. As I made my way through high school, I had the unique opportunity to say that I was a student member of my district's school board. I was brought on as a freshman, which was unprecedented, and was given the privilege to be a voice for the students. I hope that by the time I graduate college I can say that I did the same as a member of The Odyssey.

    One super cool thing that not many people know about me is that my favorite band released a new album in September 2015 and the tray photo (the one behind the disk) is a picture I took of the lead singer during a concert in March 2015.

    As Ron Burgundy would say..."I'm kind of a big deal."

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