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    I was born at a very young age in North Texas in 1992. I graduated high school in 2010 school and then moved to West Texas to attend university. I graduated from university in December 2013 and I still remember it like it was three years ago.

    I like movies, football, and Beyonce's "Love on Top." Please don't misunderstand that last part. I don't particularly like Beyonce. Not her as an individual, just her as a musician. If I liked Beyonce's music I would have just said "I like Beyonce," but that's simply not the case. I really do not care for the rest of her music. I just like one of her songs ("Love on Top"). But let me also clarify, I don't think Beyonce is a bad musician or an untalented singer. On the contrary, I think she's an incredible singer. It's just that I don't particularly like her genre of music. And that's okay. Beyonce does not need to please me or cater to my needs. She needs to do what she loves. It's just unfortunate that what she loves and what I love appear to be two slightly different things.

    One time a girl let me hold her hand and honestly that was a very kind thing for her to do.

    Well that's it for me.

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