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    My mom, a Bronx native, made sure I was born in NYC, for "ceremonial purposes" and bragging rights. But upon my exit from the womb, and what I'm was sure was quite the celebration, I was swiftly brought home to the city I was raised in, the one I still live in, and the one I will always rep': "Brick City," otherwise known as Newark, NJ.

    Right now I'm loving life in the Ironbound, Newark's coolest little neighborhood full of cranky old Portuguese people plus Brazlian and Ecuadorian newbies, a place known especially for its fine cuisine and vibrant nightlife, which as a freshly minted 21 year old, I am just starting to sample.

    Every day (or Monday -Thursday) I walk to class at Rutgers University-Newark. And I plan on declaring a major in Philosophy sometime soon. Eventually. Before I die. (I plan on doing everything before I die, just so you know.)

    I love playing soccer and have been aptly described as a Fernando Torres fanboy. I'm also a big NJ Devils fan. And I think the Ancient Greeks understood best the philosophical value of sports. Actually, I think they understood best just about everything. I don't know. Don't quote me on that. I haven't begun my academic study of philosophy just yet. It's all just shower thoughts and conjecture right now.

    That's about it. Thanks for your patience. Hope you like my stuff. Or just share it even if you hate it, just to annoy your friends. That works too.

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