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Ariana Archilla

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    Facts That You'll Know By The Time You're Done Speaking To Me

    1. I’m a writer (duh): I only write fiction (novels, screenplays, graphic novels, podcasts)
    2. I’m an artist (specialized in illustration and animation)
    3. I'm 50% Puerto Rican and 50% Italian
    4. I'm a Gryffindor and Horned Serpent
    5. I was born left handed, but was taught to switch to right handed (this means my brain is all wonky due to my logical side and artistic side always fighting with each other!)
    6. I’m only 4’11
    7. Hermes is my godly husband
    8. I don't "talk-" I SHOUT!
    9. I don’t believe in favorites
    10. I'm a Cancer
    11. I never shut up

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