The Starbucks Lover's Guide For Every Life Situation
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The Starbucks Lover's Guide To The Ideal Drink To Pair With ANY And Every Life Situation

Stop second-guessing your Starbucks order and start loving your drinks.

The Starbucks Lover's Guide To The Ideal Drink To Pair With ANY And Every Life Situation

Everyone has had that moment, patiently waiting in a Starbucks line, ready to order a drink, but once your up to the register your mind goes blank.

You scan over the menu full different coffee blends and ice tea creations, scrambling to find something that sounds appealing.

The options and add-ons are endless making anyone who is even slightly indecisive second-guess everything.

Do you want coffee? with vanilla? Tea? Or maybe a refresher would be more satisfying?

Scared to hold up the line, the internal conversation halts before a clear decision is made and you've ended up unconfidently ordering some random five-dollar drink that you probably won't love.

If the situation above has ever happened to you, this is the list you have been waiting for. Here are my favorite Starbucks drinks and the activities that suit them perfectly.

Tanning/Swimming: Iced Green Tea w/ Guava



Swimming under strong rays or laying out to achieve perfectly bronzed skin is the quintessential summer activity and an iced green tea with guava is the drink to bring.

This cold drink is refreshing against the summer heat and perfect for replacing the hydration lost from sweating.

In an effort to stay semi-healthy, I disregard the option of Starbucks's classic syrup and instead use the tropical guava syrup as a sweetener. This fun fruity drink will become your summer essential.

Running Late to Work: Nitro Cold Brew



If you're running late to work chances are you overslept and are in dire need of a caffeine fix. A nitro cold brew is a perfect drink to get that fix and start your day right.

Only coming in a tall or grande with a strawless lid, it's can be easily finished in the car.

Personally, I add almond milk (and vanilla if I'm treating myself) but you can customize the drink to any preference.

Shopping: Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte



I don't know if it's the browsing through clothing ranks or trying on different looks but I always need a drink when I'm shopping. My go-to is an iced matcha green tea latte.

Since its usually mid-day, I've already had my morning caffeine fix so this drink is a refreshing pick me up.

A Bar-B-Que: Strawberry Acai Lemonade Refresher



A summer cookout with friends and food, what more could you ask for?

The answer is a strawberry acai lemonade refresher to wash down the grilled meats and potato salad. This fruity and refreshing drink perfectly pairs with traditional bbq food.

For those 21 and older, add some of your favorite vodka and you have an amazing mixed drink.

Study Session: Cold Brew w/ Salted Honey Foam



Work, whether it's for school or a job, requires copious amounts of caffeine

To get through tedious assignments or larger projects, drink a cold brew with salted honey foam.

With more caffeine than normal iced coffee, this drink will keep you working for hours and the salted honey foam replaces the need for added milk and sweeteners.

Reading: London Fog Tea Latte



Reading is a calming past time whether its the daily news or a thrilling novel. There nothing quite like winding down for the day with your favorite book.

Recently, I have loved curling up with Educated ( my current page-turned) and a London Fog Tea Latte. Doesn't that just sound fancy?

In true English fashion, this early grey tea comes with steamed milk and vanilla syrup to make a creamy and cozy drink.

Christmas Time: Cinnamon Dolce Latte



Although this isn't an activity but more of a seasonal drink, I had to add it.

Whether it's picking out a Christmas tree or sitting by the fire, the warm frothed milk and spiced cinnamon notes will help you brace the winter winds.

Introduced to by my father, this warm, sweet, and creamy drink can be enjoyed throughout the entire holiday season.

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