Naag by Jazzy b lyrics meanings
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Naag by Jazzy b lyrics meanings


Naag by Jazzy b lyrics meanings

Naag is a Punjabi track by Jaswinder Singh Bains professionally known as Jazzy B.

Naag by Jazzy b lyrics meanings

Naag is a Punjabi track by Jaswinder Singh Bains professionally known as Jazzy B. This track is from his album Oh Kehri which was released on 1st January 2001 in India. It was written by Satinder Kala, Pinda Dhaliwal, Makhan Luharanwala Jasbir Gunachauria and K.S.Diapuri. Its music was given by Sukshinder Shinda. Its length is 3 minutes and 30 seconds on YouTube. The song is all about complimenting and admiring a girl for her long hair and her beauty which has cast a spell on the singer and the writer and as a result of it they keep appreciating her for her looks in this song.

The lyrics' meanings of the song:

At the beginning of the Naag by Jazzy b lyrics, the singer asks the girls to take care of her braided hair which looks like a snake or they will end up being taken by the snake charmer as he would think of your braid by the snake because it looks like a snake and if it will happen your life will be spun around so be careful.

In the next part of the song, the singer compliments the girl by saying that she is just like a garden full of flowers. Further, the singer says that as she is a teenager, she looks like a box full of youth. The boys around her, whoever looks at her, are going crazy for her due to her beauty. She is so charming to the young guys that they are falling for her. The singer due to all these reasons asks the girl to be vigilant. The singer has said all these things in a poetic way which actually means that the young, beautiful girl, should hide her pretty hair, from other young boys of her age otherwise they will take her away means that they will fall for her which in future may bring difficulties in her life. Here the word snake charmer is used for the young boys falling for that pretty lady.

In the next part of the song, the singer says that it seems like the wine bursts out of her eyes. He meant that her glance is really intoxicating and so extensive. The singer describes that the eyes of that girl are so hypnotizing that whoever dares to watch her, will instantly fall for her and by her actions, every other guy is throwing his heart out for her.

In the next and last part of the song, the singer himself falls for the girls and says why are you hiding? He says why do you need to cover your braided hair I have the best solution for this. Because every other guy is falling for her, so she has to cover herself for her privacy and safety but the singer comes up with a solution to this by saying let's not cover your hair. He says that girl is such a sweetheart so the singer wants her to become his lover. He asks the girl to give her heart to him (which means to be with him forever). He has developed feelings for her and now he wants her to be his girl. He warns the girl that if the girl will not do this (be with him) she will end up with her beautiful hair unbraided and straight. So the singer asks her to protect her hair and he is willing to be his protector and guardian.

The chorus of the track:

The chorus and its meaning:


Koi Keel Sapera Leh Juga

Ni Naag Sambaleh Zulfa De

Ni Naag Sambaleh Zulfa De

In the chorus of the track, the singer says to the girl that her braided hair, which looks like the snake, in a complimenting way (as in most of the Punjabi songs the girls are complimented by having braid like a snake), will be taken by some snake charmer so she should take care of her hair. These are all the metaphors used in the song. The singer actually meant that the girl should take care of herself or otherwise, the boys will go crazy and fall in love with her.

Biography of Jazzy b:

Jazzy b is an Indian-born Punjabi singer as well as a songwriter who, after five years of his birth, has moved to Canada, with his family. He was born on 1st April 1975. He is also an actor and worked in certain films having special appearances in the movies. His debut album was Gugiyan Da Jora released in 1993 and his debut film was Shaheed Udham Singh released in 2000. He also has a fashion brand with his own name Jazzy b. In his music career, he has been the winner of many awards. Jazzy b has had a successful career since the beginning when he stepped into the industry.

Reviews of Track:

The track Naag by Jazzy b has always got positive reviews from audiences as they loved the track. The weddings in Punjab (India) are incomplete without the Punjabi tracks and this track is always in the playlist since its release. This is one of the evergreen tracks which will keep its listeners rocking.


The track Naag is a complementary type of track. It’s all about praising a girl for her beauty and asking her to take care of herself and also proposing to her. The song lyrics are of the genre Bhangra as the singer mostly has the songs of Bhangra/Hip-Hop genre. The vocalist has sung it beautifully and whoever listens to the song really enjoys it. The track is truly relishing for the listeners.


1. Who sang the track Naag?

Naag is sung by Jazzy b.

2. Who wrote the lyrics of the Naag track?

Naag was written by Satinder Kala, Pinda Dhaliwal, Makhan Luharanwala Jasbir Gunachauria and K.S.Diapuri.

3. When was the track Naag released?

It was released on 1st January 2001

4. When was the last time lyrics were modified for track 6 underground?

The lyrics of the track are the same since the date of its release and haven’t been modified yet.

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