It's The Little Things That Count
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It's The Little Things That Count

Small things that make my day.

It's The Little Things That Count

Some people don't realize the impact they can have on someone else's day. I tend to be aware of their influence more when the outcome is negative. But here are some instances where a little act of kindness can go a long way to brighten your day.

1. Bus drivers waiting to move until you're seated

It means a lot to not have to stumble and try not to spill your morning coffee on the bus. Those extra two seconds of the driver waiting to go until you are seated are precious moments.

2. Friends waiting in their car to make sure you're inside safely before they leave

I have been in the situation where I am dropped off at my house, only to realize I forgot my keys. It's nice to have a friend there to let you sit in their warm car until someone else with a key gets home. Not only that, but if it is dark it's always nice to have an extra set of eyes watching out for your safety.

3. Baristas asking how to spell your name correctly

It takes only a few extra seconds to ask that a name is spelled correctly, but for people with names that are always misheard or misspelled, having your name correctly on your cup can brighten your day.

4. Customers reading your name tag so they can use your name

For anyone that works in retail, you know that it's always appreciated to be treated like a human being and not a robot worker. One easy way to humanize us and feel like you aren't just the brown-haired employee over there is by using the name written down on us.

5. Waiters always topping off your water

Whether it's topping off your water or getting your drink a refill, not having to ask the waiter to be proactive keeps you hydrated and happy.

6. Friends getting you a coffee when they go to pick up theirs

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Friends getting your coffee order before they stop to get their drink is great. Friends not even asking you and just getting you your normal drink free of charge is even better. They know you'll return the favor next time.

7. Housemates making extra food so you can eat some too

Coming home and not having to make food after a long day always makes me exhale a huge sigh of relief. I always want to collapse and cry in joy when there are leftovers for me to eat immediately instead of having to cook for a half hour.

8. Supervisors making sure you get your breaks no matter what

Working through breaks leaves you tired, cranky, and hungry. Being able to not only get all the breaks legally owed to you, but also getting them in a timely manner can improve work morale immensely.

9. Someone keeping a phone charger handy in their house or car for you even though you have different phone types

There's nothing worse than having your phone at 5% only to figure out you have an Android and your friend has an iPhone. That is, unless you visit enough that your friend keep a charger handy just for you.

10. A friend offering to drive you home because it's cold outside

I hate bussing home as a girl alone in the dark, but what makes it worse is when it's freezing and foggy outside. One short car ride can make your heart (and body) warm with love.

11. Your dog always being happy to see you when you come home

The best thing for my depression after a bad day is coming home to someone that unconditionally loves you and always misses you. Dog licks are also great.

12. Someone showing up at all to an event, even if they show up late

Seeing friends and family is worth them being an hour late to a holiday gathering, or having loved ones there for a wedding reception even if they couldn't make it to the ceremony. Moments, even if fleeting, are precious.

13. Parents dropping you off at school so you don't have to take the bus

Getting up early for the bus, waiting in the cold, and riding in a crowded seat with no buckles can be miserable. Having my mom drop me off to school in the morning not only let me see her to start my day, but also avoid the uncomfortable bus.

14. A friend buying you a soda when they buy themselves alcohol because you are the designated driver

It's nice to feel appreciated and acknowledged when being the designated driver or token sober friend in a group of drinking buddies. A soda or a glass of juice also gives you something to toast and sip alongside them.

15. A car stopping to let you cross the road

Sometimes I miss my bus because cars won't let me cross the street. Having cars stop for you to cross feels amazing, especially if there isn't even a crosswalk at that part of the street.

I don't know if these little things make your day, but each of them shines a little bit of light on my rainy Seattle days.

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