I Don’t Know How To Cope With Sadness And I Hope That’s A Good Thing

I Don’t Know How To Cope With Sadness And I Hope That’s A Good Thing

This is basically my reading on dealing with sadness, you know- the emotion.


The other day, I was scrolling through Pinterest and I came across an article that titled "What Do You Do When You're Sad?"

I looked up at the ceiling, put my phone down and really thought to myself for a minute. I rarely get sad, I mostly just suffer from anxiety. But whenever I DO get sad for any reason at all, I can never trace back my memory to think of what goes on.

So that's when I finally found the answer, I cannot control my feelings once I get sad. When I have hit rock bottom, you better keep your distance because the rest of my day is canceled.

I figured out that I don't know how to control my sadness. I am great with anger, excitement, you name the rest of the feelings one can get! But when I'm sad, oh I'm sad. I do all of the "boo-hooing" with the ugly tears and all.

I usually just cry, mope, or sleep it out until it goes away. That is where I am beginning to think that maybe that is a good thing. I don't ever hide my feelings, that is because I am an open person. If I were a book, I would be the widest one you can find.

With that being said, to some of you reading this who are the most closed minded, most private people, check this out. We are not designed to keep our feelings in our heads because the more you add on to your luggage, the heavier it will become.

Growing up, I was taught that talking about my feelings was always the solution to feeling better about life situations. The moment I felt sad, had a bad day, or when someone said something to me that rubbed me the wrong way I would sit down with my parents or whoever would be available firsthand and talk about it.

Doing this is like a two in one situation. It also strengthens bonds with the people you love because it assures them that they have gained your trust. Not only are you curing your sadness, you are building a stronger bond with someone else.

So this article started out as a brainstorm of what we all do when we're sad and it segued into a positive lesson that everyone from all walks of life can learn from.

And that is exactly why God has created me. He is teaching me to become a problem solver for others.

So whenever you are feeling sad, know that this is perfectly fine! God gave us emotions, so use them! Everyone gets sad for whatever reason and what you need to know is that bottling up sadness leads to dangerous things.

Even on the rarest occasions that you might experience sadness, know that it is important to get those feelings out, move on, grow from it, and go on with your day even if you have to cancel it. That is o.k too!

Reading through, I hope this made you think about your obstacles of facing sadness. I wish you the best in your HAPPY experiences ahead!

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