Five Haunted Ohio Locations
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Five Haunted Places In Ohio To Visit This October

Are you brave enough to visit these spooky sites?

Five Haunted Places In Ohio To Visit This October
Alexandra Michalski

The absolute best part about October is all the spooky shenanigans you can get into. From haunted houses to ghost stories there's so much to do! But why waste your money visiting a fake haunted house when you could go to a real one? Thankfully Ohio is full of spooky sites with interesting histories and haunts dating back centuries! These five locations are spread out across the state and offer different experiences for those who visit. While some have been on famous ghost hunting shows like Ghost Adventures and Haunted Collector, others are less well known, but offer scares just as good as the more famous locations!

Woodland Cemetery (Dayton, Ohio)

This haunted grave is a must see for all University of Dayton Students!

Alexandra Michalski

A common sight to those who attend the University of Dayton, Woodland Cemetery is one of the oldest garden cemeteries in the united states. It is the resting place of many famous individuals the most notable being the Wright Brothers. Since the cemetery is so large it's no surprise that there are reports of haunted graves scattered throughout the entire property. The most famous of these being the grave of five-year-old Johnny Morehouse, who drowned in the Miami and Erie Canal despite the rescue efforts of his loyal dog. Legend has it that if you visit the grave, you can hear a dog panting or even see the loyal canine watching over the grave of his young master.

Ohio State Reformatory  (Mansfield, Ohio) 

The set of the Shawshank Redemption is actually haunted!

Alexandra Michalski

Although this former prison is more widely known as the filming location of Shawshank Redemption reports of hauntings, date back decades. With popular shows like Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures visiting this site and documenting evidence, it's hard for thrill seekers to stay away from this historical haunt!

Prospect Place (Trinway, Ohio) 

The Underground Railroad has plenty of spooky sites like this one!

Alexandra Michalski

Built in the late 1850's this home was once a stop on the underground railroad now turned museum. Hundreds of slaves passed through here on their way to Canada, but unfortunately several died here due to their injuries they sustained during their journey. Many believe that the reports of hauntings here include disembodied voices, apparitions of shadow people, and rocks being thrown at people.

Sedamsville Rectory (Cincinnati, Ohio) 

This building has been on national television quite a few times!

Alexandra Michalski

This 130-year-old house has been a popular location for several different television shows including SyFy's Haunted Collector and Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures. Reported paranormal activity is extremely physical with guests and owners receiving scratches and being shoved. While many think this is the work of an angry spirit, while others believe that something sinister may be at work.

Old Licking County Jail (Newark, Ohio) 

This jail looks a lot nicer than others from its time.

Alexandra Michalski

Report of haunting go back nearly a century in this spooky old jail. Instead of shying away from their paranormal history, this jail offers public and private ghost hunts. Although you have to be eighteen years or older, you may be able to catch a ghost on camera or even an EVP!

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