6 Styles Of Fishing You Need To Try This Summer
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6 Styles Of Fishing You Need To Try This Summer

There's more than one way to catch a fish, and some of them are must tries!

6 Styles Of Fishing You Need To Try This Summer

In the summer heat, there's not much to do beyond staying inside or going swimming. But fishing is an excellent way to relax, enjoy nature and have some fun without getting scorched by the bright August Sun. Choosing a style of fishing usually depends on your location and budget but you may not realize there is more than one way to catch a fish. Whether you are a beginner fisherman or a master angler you need to try these styles of fishing one day.

1. Handline Fishing


It doesn't get much more simple and exciting than this. Handline fishing is using nothing but the basic way to reel in fish. No expensive rods or reels required, just a bottle, fishing wire, a hook, weights and bait is all that is truly necessary. But don't be mistaken, simpler does not mean easier. An additional amount of skill is required when casting with a handline compared to a traditional rod and reel and may be difficult for beginners or people with lots of obstacles nearby.

2. Surf Fishing

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If you live near the beach or are headed there on vacation surf fishing is a must try. Wade in to the ocean with your rod and reel, cast it over the waves then wait for the fish. This is personally one of my favorite types of fishing because you get the most excitement with the least amount of work. I've pulled in sharks and stingrays using leftover shrimp from dinner while fishing in the surf and got a chance to relax on the beach between my catches. Like most types of saltwater fishing the gear required is a little bit heavier and you'll likely need a salt water fishing license. But once you have a sturdy rod, the bait and tackle is fairly inexpensive.

3. Deep Sea Fishing

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Deep sea fishing is always a great activity to add into your beach plans. As the name suggests, deep sea fishing requires you to go out to the ocean on a boat and drop your lines very deep into the water. There are a few ways to go deep sea fishing. The first is taking a private charter. On a private boat you end up fishing for sport and might catch larger or more interesting fish than you would on what i call a party boat deep sea trip. On these boats you'll have a bunch of people on each side of the boat with their lines down in the water pulling up lots of fish. These tend to be less expensive and more exciting. On the other hand, you don't get the connection with nature and other little things you can enjoy on a private charter.

4. Still fishing


Still fishing is the classic style of fishing. The type of fishing your grandfather may have done with you to teach you patience. Still fishing is the most basic, inexpensive and easy style of fishing there is. All you need is a rod, a bobber and some worms. Then you cast your line into the water and let it sit still until a fish comes along and takes your bait. Bream, bass and catfish are the main things you will catch still fishing in America and are ideal fish for the beginner to catch. Not to mention they're easy to cook as well. Still fishing will allow you to build the fundamental skills like like where and how to cast that will make your fishing experiences more enjoyable in the future.

5. Current Fishing


Current fishing is the next step from from still fishing and entails tossing your bait into moving water and then letting it float back to you.Current fishing requires a good deal of accuracy when it comes to casting since bait placement is much more crucial. Fishing in moving water is also much more exciting since a four pound fish can use the current to fight like a 20-pound fish!

6. Fly Fishing

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Nothing is more relaxing than fly fishing on a cool morning. As long as you're with another experienced fly fisherman that is. Fly fishing can be very relaxing but also very difficult because of the precision required to operate a fly fishing rig. The gear can get quite pricey, in fact you can usually find a private charter trip for around the same price as a single fly fishing reel. It is incredible how a tiny hook with some hair and feathers on it can attract such large trout and salmon. After taking multiple fly fishing trips I can say it is something every fisherman must someday try!

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