Why Cold Seasons Are Better Than Hot Seasons
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Why Cold Seasons Are Better Than Hot Seasons

So many people love Spring and Summer but I would take winter and fall anytime.

Why Cold Seasons Are Better Than Hot Seasons

Everyone's favorite time of the year spring and summer is here and everyone is excited, but me. I have always preferred Teheran cold weather and I even work at a grocery store in the freezer section. I never have enjoyed the outdoors, so warm weather does not do anything for me.


Allergies may be the worst thing to deal with because you never know when your nose will be stuffy or your throats will hurt. Having to buy expensive medicine and remember to take it every day is such a pain. Some people like me have my outside allergens that happen to worsen when the seasons change to spring and summer.


The heat is brutal in the summer, especially in certain locations. I do not enjoy going outside and sweating in my car until I get the car moving with the windows. We all know that pain when tour hand touches the seatbelt when the temperature is near 100 degrees. It also is bad when your car air conditioner breaks in the middle of summer. Gas prices also go up because more people go out and participate in activities and they take vacations. There is also always more traffic when driving causing longer car rides.

The Heat

When you get cold you can always put on more layers, but in the summer there is only so much clothing you can take off, so it becomes a struggle. There is also always that risk of getting sunburnt out dehydrating faster when you stay out in the sun for so long and makes it harder to be outside.

The Holidays

The holidays in warm weather is Memorial Day, labor, and 4th of July which I love celebrating pride in my country and the people who have served it and always enjoy the annual cookouts for these holidays, but the holidays during fall and winter are superior. Halloween is fun because you can go to a haunted house and costume parties with friends. Also, we have holidays for shopping like Thanksgiving to get prepared for Christmas, so people can enjoy Black Friday and Cyber Monday for all their shopping deals. Christmas is a wildly celebrated holiday and easily the most popular with all the fun traditions that fall with Christmas with family and friends. New Years is a great holiday to go out and party to bring in the new year with a lot of fun.


Black Friday and Cyber Monday are big shopping sales days to buy Christmas gifts or even shop for your own needs. Plenty of stores have extended hours so you can get your shopping done and they have plenty of deals during these months to draw in sales. There are also many movies, video games, books, and so many unique items that always come out around the holidays that many people want to buy.


If you are like me and love sports then the cold season sports are for you. Football, basketball, and Hockey are all way better than baseball because they are super excited to watch and you never know who is going to win. Baseball is boring so during the summer months, there is barely any news coming from the other 3 sports besides their draft and free agency. The Super Bowl and NBA FInals are also way more anticipated and exciting than the World Series.


Who doesn't enjoy going sledding or hanging out outside in the snow when school gets canceled or the snow is too rough for you to travel to your job? the anticipation of snow along with the snow is the best part of the cold weather season and make plenty of memories.

These are just many reasons why the winter and fall are way better than the spring and summer. I personally cannot wait to go back to school in the fall and be able to enjoy my days more because my sports are on and my favorite holidays are coming. School is another reason I like cold weather, but most people will not agree. I would rather be in college than work any day because I enjoy my classes and being with friends.

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