PlayStation 4 is one of the most updated gaming systems right now. People usually get really excited to buy one. PlayStation 4 also appears to be compatible with high quality or high definition television screens. This then ensures the gaming experience of PlayStation 4 to be more looking forward to. Therefore, here are 3 things to do after one has bought a PlayStation 4.

1. Figure out how it works

The most basic thing to do with a PlayStation 4 is to know how it works. Learn how to turn on and off the PlayStation 4 as well as the television screen and the audio system. Learn how to control the audio like how to lower down the sounds or make the sounds louder. Make sure to learn how to charge the game controllers and how the buttons of the controller work. See which buttons lead to the main menu or which button is the pause button. Also, learn about the settings such as audio. Get familiar with the kind of source that is needed for the PlayStation 4 to work, especially sources that can display the game on the screen and the source for the audio to work. Learn about the programs or apps that the PlayStation 4 has. Learn how to put in the game disk into the gaming system and learn on connecting controllers to the game system.

2. Think about what games you want to buy

In order to play with the PlayStation 4, one should think about what games to buy for the PlayStation 4. Check out what games that might be interesting to play on the PlayStation 4. For me, I am excited for the "Kingdom Hearts 3" game for PlayStation 4. Most importantly, after buying a game to play, one must learn how to play the game and learn how to save each time one plays a game. One can get single player or multi-player games to play on the PlayStation 4.

3. Have fun

The PlayStation 4's main function is to let the individual have fun. After being familiar with the PlayStation 4 and the game, cherish the PlayStation 4. Have friends or family members to play with the PlayStation 4 as well. Share the gaming experience with friends and family members. Don't stay too close to the television screen when playing the PlayStation 4. Keep a good distance from the television screen when playing the PlayStation 4.

Enjoy the PlayStation 4.