Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Family And Friends
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6 Last-Minute Holiday Gifts You Can Snag When You Forget About Your Second Cousin Twice Removed

Forgot to purchase a gift? Have no fear, here is a list of some items to hopefully help you secure a gift last minute!

6 Last-Minute Holiday Gifts You Can Snag When You Forget About Your Second Cousin Twice Removed

So, it's that time of year again. Family members you haven't seen since the age of five coming around for the festive season? Do not worry, I have you covered — here's a list of potential gifts if you are struggling!

1. Chocolate

We are talking the most basic gift here but people who love chocolate love this kind of gift. I know many people who have their stockings rammed with chocolate and that turns into their substitute Christmas breakfast!

I mean, who doesn't love chocolate at Christmas time? It's also an excuse to buy expensive chocolate and be able to forgive yourself for doing so.

2. A Scarf 

If you're truly stuck, buy a nice scarf for him/her. Perhaps buy one in the receivers favorite color, or buy one with a nice pattern or with prints of their favorite animal on the material.

Scarves are an essential winter accessory, you just can't get enough of them! They are vital for keeping warm during the festive season and are a must.

3. A Movie

Did the recipient of a gift want to see a movie this year but didn't get the chance to see it? Well, now it's your chance to become a hero! Buy that movie for them. They will be grateful.

Or maybe they have a favorite actor? Buy a movie with that person in to make them happy.

4. A Book

Many receive books over Christmas. English majors will especially love you for buying books, especially if their reading list is as long as their arm!

But do be sure to check what books they need and don't buy them books they already have, they will probably pass it on. Books can be relatively cheap in certain stores and during the festive period rather romantic, festive novels are released.

So, have a friend that loves books? No problem, buy them another one!

5. Bath bomb

Although people do say that bath products are offensive over the festive season as it sends the 'wrong message' to the receiver of the gift. Bath bombs are far prettier and do make nice gifts. There's lovely scents and there are Christmas themed ones, some are extremely pretty when they come in contact with water and there are many gift sets available.

6. Candle

Yes, you see these in practically every store over the festive period. Many like these as gifts, the variety of scents available make it far easier to buy for who you want!

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