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    We live in a society in which social media is the primary means of communication. Social networking sites have become paramount to the dispersal of information as well as the chief way we find out about the events of the world and the news of our local communities. I will use my Odyssey platform to engage my community with important issues of the day. I think outside the box and I enjoy offering up perspectives and opinions people haven't previously thought of. I think it helps people enhance their own ideas and values if they are presented with a minority opinion because they can either strengthen their argument against it or begin to see the issue from a different angle. I want to be able to bring articles to people that are timely, substantive and relatable. Society has many issues worth discussing, but there are also personal issues each of us deals with. Sometimes, we are hesitant about discussing these issues with others. I want to write articles addressing these issues as well so I can help bring comfort and support to those who need it.

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