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    I am a first-generation American. My parents came to this country in 1989 in pursuit of the American Dream. I have lived in all kinds of conditions growing up. As a child growing up in the slums of Miami, I had to become emotionally and mentally stronger than most children. Fast forward 10 years, I find myself at Florida Gulf Coast University, which is surprising (to me) because I was not the best student in high school. Eventually, I got my act together, and I worked my way into FGCU. I am currently an I.T. technician for the FGCU Help-Desk. It is a a job I love because I am surrounded by technology on a daily basis. My true passion is photography. Cameras are devices that are capable of capturing iconic moments in history and preserve them. I have always been fascinated by that and the technology inside of them. I have this romantic idea that I can change the world with my camera. Whether it is true or not, I intend to find out.

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