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    Hello Lovelies, welcome to The Chic Observer! My name is Jordin; I am a full-time student studying fashion merchandising and a part-time fashion blogger. My idols include Coco Chanel, Grace Kelly, Olivia Palermo, and Blair Waldorf. I'll buy anything pink or sparkly and thoroughly enjoy eating at trendy, fru fru restaurants (you know the kind with lots of white surfaces and natural lighting).

    When I'm not study or blogging you can usually find me hanging out with my friends/sorority sisters, overindulging in Starbucks, or maxing out my credit card; usually on something much too chic for a college campus. If I'm not in any of those usual spots, I'm on vacation.

    It was actually during a trip to Chicago that I realized my love for people watching. I posted up at the Ralph Lauren store's sidewalk cafe and sat there for hours just watching the people stroll by. Since then, I continue to sit back and take in everything fashion-wise around me. I often get looks from friends during dinner because my eyes will shift to observe the outfits of the incoming diners (oops). I don't really see it as a problem; as Diana Vreeland once said "The eye has to travel." So if you see me around, stop and say hi. I'll be the over-dressed girl sipping iced tea with the huge black sunglasses. I never leave home without my sunglasses, because behind them I'm judging you observing.

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