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    I'm so glad that I have the privilege to share a few of my thoughts with you! My passion is to glorify Christ with my life, to love Him well daily because He first loved me. The mountains are my "heartland". Spirit is my favorite movie.

    Reading, hiking, poetry, running, autumn, snow, libraries, horses, never-ending fields, Narnia, a good song, a cup of hot chocolate, crazy socks, the smell of a fire, the Rocky Mountains, these are things I love.

    The best feeling in the world is a full out bareback gallop on a horse, whooping and hollering into the wind or maybe singing praise songs around the campfire with friends under a starry sky. I love traveling, exploring, and just spending time outdoors. CS Lewis, GK Chesterton, and George MacDonald are my baes.

    I'm kind of an artist, and I write mediocre poetry when I'm really happy or really sad. I will cry over a good song any day. I run through some neighborhoods just to admire the architecture. I find that knowing I'm a child of God, knowing that I have a purpose, adds so much more meaning to everything, including all the beauty in life. The things that inspire me or make me laugh are gifts from my loving Heavenly Father. I aspire to write things that will inspire others to live more meaningful, sacrificial, and joyful lives. We are all broken, and the beauty is in the broken because "when I am weak, then He is strong."

    If you want to, follow me on Insta (erinpowe), but I really post more on Facebook because I'm a grandma at heart.

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